How To Make Your Man Enjoy Going Down On You!

How To Make Your Man Enjoy Going Down On You!

It's a universally accepted fact that the female anatomy is a little more difficult to understand than its male counterpart. Men may orgasm from just intercourse but women need more, a lot MORE! 

I'd rather blame this on ignorance than on anything else because men really don't grasp how important it is to go down on a woman. Oral sex is a blessing, whether it is for men or women. And given a man's inherent need to please the woman he loves, if he knew what oral sex could do for you, there's a high chance he'll be all over you! So if you haven't been on the receiving end of any oral sex but a lot of excuses, here are some ways to have your partner show you the world, one session at a time!

1. Make sure it's all clean!

Would you give your man a blowjob if his nether regions were not clean or smelled? You wouldn't, right? Similarly, he's going to be really averse if you don't keep your downstairs area groomed. If a bikini wax is not your thing, that's okay, but a regular trim is an absolute must!

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2. Have a conversation

Ask him what is it that puts him off to what is an absolute pleasurable act for both of you. He may have some repressed feelings about it, so having a 'no-judgement' zone will help him voice his concerns and you two will be able to work through the issues.

3. You get what you give

If he feels entitled to get a blowjob but is too squeamish to return the favour, then girl, you have to put your foot down. Sex is like karma, you give what you get. No blowjobs till you learn a little tongue action, honey!

4. Challenge him

As much as I hate to admit it, men do thrive on challenges. A simple sentence like "Let's see if you're good enough to make me orgasm just with your mouth," might have been the solution you were looking for all along!

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5. Lead him on

Introducing simple games in the bedroom can really take his bedroom game places! Something like he has to kiss you everywhere you put a finger. Start with your neck and move down your body gradually. Stop at your inner thighs and move inwards. Maybe he'll love that too!

6. Tell him about helper's high

So, helper's high is an easy concept! When you indulge in a selfless activity that gives somebody else pleasure, the euphoria you experience is called helper's high and it cannot be compared to anything. Sell him on this euphoria and maybe he'll be sold on oral sex!

7. Try something else, maybe!

If you really love him and aren't going to dump him just for not fulfilling your sexual fantasies, then you need to make your peace with the fact that it may never happen. There is a possibility that he might wake up one day with the goal of sexing things up with your lady parts but till then, make his hands and the little soldier do all the hard work!

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