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Starting A Family? You Need To Keep These Things In Mind Before Bringing Your Newborn Home!

Starting A Family? You Need To Keep These Things In Mind Before Bringing Your Newborn Home!

I think when I started the eighth month of my pregnancy, I had this nagging feeling that I wanted to get things done. I was later told by my trusted doctor that I was now in the nesting phase of my pregnancy. A time where a to-be-mother's instinct is severely heightened (like it wasn’t already!) and there is an innate feeling to create a safe home for the arrival of her newborn. So, if you are there right now and experiencing the same, here are a couple of things to need to know about getting your home ready for your newborn.

1. Get Shopping

As your pregnancy progresses, it will become harder for you to move around freely, especially for longer durations. So, a trip to the mall will sound like an uphill task. Make a list of things that you will require once the baby is born and get shopping. If you are unable to do so, get your partner or your family members to step in. In case you and your family prefer not to buy anything before the baby’s arrival, prepare the list in advance so someone else can get everything ready before you come back home from the hospital. Window shopping is a great way to identify the products you'll be needing and it would make shopping easier later.

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2. The Hospital Bag

Depending on how you deliver, you will be in the hospital for a minimum of 24 hours to maximum of three days. It is only wise to carry things that you will need once you have delivered the baby. You will require two or three sets of baby clothes, diapers, formula milk and feeding bottles (if for any reason you are unable to feed breast milk to your baby), diaper rash cream, a couple of baby blankets to keep the baby warm, caps to cover the baby's head and socks for the feet. Mothers would require a set of clothes to come back home in, toiletries and maxi pads for the post-delivery period.

3. The Essentials Kit

These are a list of essentials to take care of the newborn at home.

>; Diapers and a whole lot of them along with wipes.

>; Diaper rash creams are an absolute must! Anti-bacterial solution for cleaning purposes.

>; Baby swaddles to wrap the child in while they sleep.

>; Feeding bottles and formula milk if you choose to give top feed.

>; Breast-pump is optional as it will allow you to pump the milk and store it in advance for your child.

While many do not prefer to bathe the newborn immediately, a sponge bath becomes essential, especially in summers. However, if you decide it is time for your baby to take the first bath, you will need a bathing tub, baby shampoo or soap, baby creams and massage oils for those daily massage ritual to make the baby strong.

4. Co-Sleep Or Buy A Cot?

If you decide to share your bed with your baby, make sure you have soft and clean sheets as the baby’s skin is too soft and anything can trigger a rash. In my experience, even though we bought a cot, my newborn would sleep with us in the bed. However, we would be paranoid about hurting the little one as we moved in our sleep. So, we decided to put him in the cot, nicely wrapped in his blanket, where we knew nothing was going to quash him.

P.S. Do not keep anything unnecessary in the cot such as stuff toys, baby pillows, extra blankets etc. They can prove to be hazardous by falling on the newborn and causing suffocation.

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5. Preparing Your First Born

When we found out that we were expecting our second child, our immediate response was to think about our first-born’s reaction and how it would affect him. We gradually started talking to him about him becoming a big brother and that there will be a small baby in the house in some time. In fact, we also prepared him about how both his parents will be away at the hospital for a couple of days and he will need to stay back with his grandparents. This helped us prepare our older child to look forward to the new addition in the family and keep the meltdowns to a minimal.

6. Finding Help

They say it takes a village to raise a child and this cannot be more true once you have a newborn in your lap. For the first couple of weeks, things will be erratic, especially if you are a first-time mother. With the newborn sleeping at odd hours and waking up at equally odd ones, you will need all the help that you can get. Be it hiring a maid, depending on your husband or calling on your mom or mother-in-law or friends, get everyone organised before you step into the hospital.

7. Finding A Good Paediatrician

For those crazy first couple of months to go down smoothly, narrow down on a trusted, experienced and patient paediatrician who will be able to guide you well for all your doubts concerning your newborn. To being with you can always consult the paediatrician who helped monitor your newborn at the time of birth in the hospital for your immediate queries till you find someone closer to your residence.

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