Thoughtful Gift Ideas For A New Mom That'll Cost You Nothing!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For A New Mom That'll Cost You Nothing!

Being a parent is one of the hardest things to do. While a family celebrates the birth of a newborn, raising a newborn becomes the sole responsibility of the equally newly-born mother and father. Maternity leave has been extended to six months in India (thankfully!), but the paternity leave is a bare minimum, so daddy has to go back to work soon after the baby is born, leaving mommy in charge.

So, we took it upon ourselves to make a list of some thoughtful gifts that you can give to the new mom whose world just changed. They'll cost you nothing, but she will definitely thank you!

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1. Lots of support

The biggest gift one can give to a first-time mom is offering your support and time. Help out by offering to cook and clean or lend a helping hand with changing or feeding the baby. Think of it this way, taking care of a newborn for a first-time mom is like getting pushed into the swimming pool without knowing how to swim while being expected to reach the other side, without drowning.

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2. Let her sleep in

Babies keep waking up at odd hours through the night and sometimes, barely sleep all day. This leaves the mom with very little time to catch her breath, let alone rest. Take over for her and give her the gift of sleep, which will help the mom renew her energy level. 

3. At home salon service

Taking care of a newborn means barely getting time to look after yourself and mothers usually ignore their well being. That, coupled with the household chores, ends up taking your whole day leaving the mom no time to step outside. So, gift an at-home salon service, so the new mommy can take a break and get rejuvenated to take on tasks at hand.

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4. A girls' night out

Give your bestie, wife, daughter or sister who has just given birth, the gift of a girls' night out. You will be doing her a huge favour by breaking the monotony of child-care, which can very taxing for a new mom.

Most importantly, just be there for her!

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