7 Helpful Period Tips That Will *Actually* Make You Feel Better!

7 Helpful Period Tips That Will *Actually* Make You Feel Better!

Periods are part of life. As much discomfort as they bring, we know for a fact that it’s an indication that the body is healthy. Every woman learns to work through mood swings, cramps and bloating, but what if we told you that there are simple ways in which you can make the whole process a lot easier for you?

In this article, we are recommending seven period tips that will make you feel better when you’re on your period. Trust us, these actually work.

1. Stay hydrated

Remember to drink lots of water when you’re on your period. You may think it’s counterproductive when you’re feeling bloated, but actually, it helps you flush out all the toxins from the body and eases menstrual cramps.

2. Fight cramps with workout

I know it’s a little hard to move with all the cramps, but it’s good to stretch and ease out a bit. Slow leg raises and deep breathing always help in easing out period cramps.3 period tips girl exercising in park

3. Painkillers for the win!

While a lot of us don’t like being on too many pills, they always help in easing out the pain. Take a light dose of a painkiller to help you get through the first day.

4. Track your cycle to make it easier

Getting your period unexpectedly leaves you feeling unprepared and stressed. We suggest you use the Fitbit Versa along with the Fitbit app that will not only keep a track of your weekly health, sleep and fitness on the go but will also help you track your period. It is specially designed to help you learn about your menstrual health and fitness. You can record your period date and receive notifications two days before your due date. You can check your estimated fertile window too. Super cool, isn’t it?1 period tips girl tracking period on app

5. Use heat pads

Heat pads or bottles relax your muscles that cause cramps. Make sure to keep these with you to ease the pain and keep you going.

6. Eat right

Eating the right food helps in easing the pain and curbing the mood swings. Consume foods like nuts, soybeans and spinach. Bananas are great for menstrual cramps and headaches. You can also take a little bit of chocolate when you feel too irritated or moody.2 period tips girl having water

7. Essentials! Essentials!

Getting enough sleep is important to reduce period stress. Also, try to limit your daily intake of caffeine-rich and sugary products to avoid too much bloating.