'I Am Afraid To Get Married Because...' - 5 Girls Share!

'I Am Afraid To Get Married Because...' - 5 Girls Share!

The stress to get married by a certain age has forced millennials to fear the term 'marriage'. And we are not talking about pre-wedding jitters, people all over the world are questioning the institute of marriage.

Marriage isn’t a monster to be afraid of, it's a beautiful promise. But it isn't all that easy. Misunderstandings, irresponsible partner, loyalty issues, making unaccountable compromises and handling in-laws aren’t as easy as TV shows portray.

Here are a few reasons shared by women on Quora about why they are afraid to get married.

1. The one who is afraid of getting hitched with an irresponsible man

Anonymous answers on Quora: “I have met a couple of people and realised that pus*ys and d*cks are everywhere, but chemistry isn't.

Instance 1: my roomie never cooks, he never cleans the house. He is good for nothing. He is very immature and makes laugh of everyone. I am sorry for the girl who would get married to this guy. I am worried, what will happen if my life partner turns out to be like him.”

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2. The one who knows that multiplying yourself is not the end game.

Anonymous answers on Quora: “People make you think you are lacking something. They don’t understand that not everyone’s life is the same. Some get married early in life, so what? Some might die at 40 and you might live till 80.. Would you then ask your surviving friend to die early?? This is exactly what people around you want to make you feel like.

Marrying and having kids is not life. It can be part of your life. Multiplying yourself is not the goal in your life. Come on guys, grow up. Let everyone decide what they do with their life and don’t interfere into others.”

3. The one who feels that in-laws aren’t parents.

Mitali Mehta answers on Quora: “Yes, I am somewhat afraid to get married. I have seen married couples around me. The institution of arranged marriage in India has made me lose all faith in the institution of marriage. It's just all about compromise from the girl's side in marriage. After marriage:

a. Your responsibilities increases. Suddenly, you are responsible for the cooking and cleaning and looking after your husband's house and in-laws and of course your husband.

b. You will be your last priority. You have to put everyone first. If u feel like going out, you have to ask your husband's and in-laws permission. I don't understand why is there any need to ask their permission? You are independent women, earning and making a living for yourself. Your in-laws are not your parents.”

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4. The one who is afraid of the fakeness of disrespectful men.

Vindeshwari RS Chauhan answers on Quora:

“a. Whenever I see people break a long-term relationship just for the sake of their parents' happiness and get married to someone else of their parents choice. I am afraid.

b. When that person starts a new bond with another person just in a few months and the person whom they left is still suffering from the same pain. I am afraid.

c. Whenever I see an innocent girl lost all her innocence and kindness because of these fake rituals of society, caste system and weak relationships. I am afraid.

d. Whenever I see how a newly married couple and there beautiful start afraid Siya and haunts her in her dreams which leads her to complete denial of getting married ever. I am afraid.”

5. The one who feels the risk is not worth it.

Charu Gupta answers on Quora: “It’s difficult to find one, and rather live with one until and unless you don’t understand one another. Marriage, relationships are supposed to make our life simple and happy. Not compromised or regretful. There is no way to avoid it and taking the risk here is not worth it.

So yes, I am afraid of it.”

3 girl saying she doesn't need a man

You can read the full thread here on Quora.

We all understand how much mess the wrong guy can create and the kind of magic the right man can bring. So, hold on girls! Wait for the right guy and marriage will be worth it.

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