English Words & Phrases We *Really* Need To Stop Using RN!

English Words & Phrases We *Really* Need To Stop Using RN!

Our everyday conversations in the English language are overrun by fillers and crutch words. If you take these words out, the meaning of your sentence will not change at all. So, why do we use them? Mostly, habit. We listen to these words around us and it crawls into our vocabulary.

Many of these words and phrases dilute your sentence and honestly, they put people off. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they’re talking like a two-year-old whose vocab has 10 words.

The alternative is to be conscious of your words and how you use them. You are smarter than a first-grader!


"It will be like so cool!"

“I’m like so pissed with people who like talk like this.”

‘Like’ is a crutch word that we use when we need time to think about something. But it’s annoying as hell, just like ‘um’. If you’re unconsciously slipping this in your everyday conversations, then you need to take a breather and think before you start speaking (which is a good idea irrespective).

english words that we are overusing 1


“It’s just that… Let me just say that…”

Just should be used for emphasis, especially in the context of ‘at this moment,’ or to make something appear simpler. Examples:

She was just texting you.

I just saw your Instagram story.

Just add some water.


We use all these words to intensify statements or as fillers. She’s really sweet! It’s totally your call. I’m basically waiting for you. It’s seriously funny.

Nope, not needed. 

english words that you are over using 3


Literally means ‘in strict sense’ or something that’s a fact and is true. Now if you say, “I’m literally dying,” you better be on the deathbed or you’re literally incorrect.


There are more words you can use to describe something you like, or approve of. I can, too. I have a habit of doing a litany of cool, cool, cool like Abed from the TV show, Community and my colleagues aren’t impressed with my verbal skills.

english words we need to stop overusing 5


Anything that follows ‘well’ lacks a bit of character.

Well, I’m writing an article on words we shouldn’t be using so much.

It is an exclamation, or again, a pause. But if you do ‘well, well’ too much, people will assume you don’t weigh your words.


Candidate: I am good at a lot of stuff.

Employer: What stuff?

Candidate: Well, stuff!

What stuff? Care to elaborate? People will take you seriously if you have more substantial words to elucidate your argument.

english words that we areoveruusing 7

I Think

I think, I believe, I feel… If you’re saying a statement, we’re pretty sure you feel/think/believe in it. You don’t have to validate it. If anything, it dilutes the rest of the sentence when you say this.


Everything has become awesome these days, from a tweet to a woman giving birth on the plane. Result? The meaning of this word is diluted. Solution? Save it for occasions that are truly awesome, like a panda dancing in the Arctic.

english words that you are overusing 8


She’s very funny.
She’s hilarious.

The show was very interesting.
The show was gripping.

I’m very sad.
I’m miserable.

Do you see the difference? If you want to be more descriptive, chuck ‘very’ out and use another word to express yourself. 

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