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10 Common Mistakes Married Couples Make In Bed! Are You Doing It Too?

10 Common  Mistakes Married Couples Make In Bed! Are You Doing It Too?

There's something so special about marriages that warms our hearts. Be it having a partner for life to hold your hand through the big sorrows and joys or be it just having someone to cuddle at night and binge watch Netflix. But like all relationships, this one too comes with its own set of obstacles. While some are unavoidable like health issues, family dynamics etc others can be sorted out by just talking it through. 

In the midst of all this comes the big S-E-X! While marriage essentially gives you a license to do the boom-boom (well according to desi aunties) there are many complications in the bedroom that could cause a rift between you and your husband. But don't you worry, we won't let your marriage suffer! Here are some of the mistakes you and your partner could be making in bed, change this and you're good to go!

1. Not having enough of it

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One of the biggest mistakes married couples make is not having enough sex. Now there is nothing like a mandatory amount being shoved down your throat but it's whatever works for you and your partner. If you guys like doing it thrice a week, great, if it's thrice a month, then that's fine too, just you do you!

2. Taking each other for granted

Another problem in bed may be taking the other one for granted. Many couples don't give their time behind closed doors enough importance while many make it the be all and end all. You both have to understand each other and give your partner due respect.

3. Expecting the other to read your mind

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A lot of girls complain about being left unsatisfied in bed, however, when it comes to explaining how sex could be better, they shy away. Ladies, your man does want to please you, take time and make him understand your body, what you like and what you want, it'll be magic!

4. Expecting your lover to be ready anywhere and all the time

Let's bust the myth that men ALWAYS want to have sex. No guys, that isn't true. And neither do women, it takes foreplay and effort from both sides to get ready for having a good session of love making. So getting disappointed everytime your bae isn't ready, will just make the situation worse.

5. Not taking charge

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Don't expect your spouse to make the first move every time. Change it up and mix it up. You too can show initiative, it'll make the other person more wanted and special and that's always a good thing!

6. Talking before, during and after sex

Dirty gals, we don't mean that kind of talking (do that as much as you want!) but don't use this time as one when you have his full attention and talk about important things. A lot of people think this is the best time to communicate and get your work done. Keep them both separate cause otherwise, it can lead to a distrustful environment. 

7. Making it a monotonous routine

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Sex is fun and not just an activity to do and get over with. If you're trying to have kids and the process starts to feel like work that's when you know you've to change it up. Add something fun that you both are interested in trying and spice it up, this could include experimenting with kink or using sex toys, you won't know until you try!

8. Waiting for it to be the right time

Adulting sucks, there we said it. You're bogged down by work stress, house chores, kids and being tired and fatigued all the time is natural. However, if you're looking for the correct time when all this is not bothering your mind, you won't find it. You just have to take some time out and get sexy with your boo and leave the rest aside.

9. Not being in it fully

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The best sexual encounters are when you're giving in your hundred percent. Try to keep all the extra thoughts at bay and be present in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. There's no bigger turn off than a disinterested partner.

10. Letting yourself go

Both men and women stop paying attention to themselves after marriage and especially once they've had kids. Everyone must keep in shape and dress up and present their best version to keep the romance and attraction going. Groom yourself, if that's what you and your partner prefer and voila, all are happy and healthy!

So majama in your pajama!? 😉

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