Beauty FAQs: Can Facial Mists Further Dry Up Your Skin? We Asked An Expert!

Beauty FAQs: Can Facial Mists Further Dry Up Your Skin? We Asked An Expert!

If you're a beauty enthusiast you already know what a facial mist is and how crucial it is in your beauty routine. I'm obsessed with facial mists, I use them to prep and prime my skin before makeup and to set my makeup in place and even as a toner. Through winters, I always keep a facial mist or rosewater spray handy in my purse. A quick spritz and I'm not only refreshed, but my skin feels hydrated. There are a lot of facial mists in the market, some toning, some hydrating and some pure makeup setting sprays. The beauty of a facial mist is that it’s so versatile! As long as you know what the ingredients in your mist are, you should be ok.

We asked an expert the same question and here's what they had to say

As we know water attracts water and water is like a magnet. When a water-based mist is sprayed over face it makes the water on the skin's surface evaporate and also further dries up the face by taking water from the skins deeper layers too. Alcohol-Based face mists further cause an even more drying effect and can damage the skin moisture barrier and further backfire. It’s recommended to use an oil-based mist which has occlusive properties like water trapping. You can freely use mists on top of moisturizer serum or makeup even.
My recommendation is to choose face mist with ingredients like aloe, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and other anti oxidants.
- Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Founder and Medical Director at ISAAC

She recommends the Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist (Rs 2,300) and the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour miracle hydrating mist (Rs 1,624) 

Some facial mists like the ones that have witch hazel or anti-acne ingredients like tea tree or the ones in aerosol sprays can be a little drying and harsh on the skin. If you suffer from extremely dry skin, look for a facial mist that has hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber in them.


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If you’re not looking to invest in a face mist you can totally DIY one in less than 5 minutes and under Rs 200. Here’s what you’re going to need

- A spray bottle

- Rose water - Any brand works

- Aloe vera gel

Fill up the spray bottle 3/4th with rose water and add in a dollop of aloe vera gel into the bottle. Start with a little bit and give the mixture a good shake. Spritz this on whenever your skin is feeling exceptionally dry. You can use this just as you would any other facial mist!

I like to store a bottle in the refrigerator for those extra hot Sunday summer mornings while I’m at home doing house chores.  

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