6 Things You Can Do To The Bar On Your Wedding... After All, Everyone’s Come For The Daaru!

6 Things You Can Do To The Bar On Your Wedding... After All, Everyone’s Come For The Daaru!

What's the one thing we all love about desi weddings? Nope, I'm not talking about the dinner buffet with out of this world butter chicken and I'm not even talking about the love-filled atmosphere that has everyone celebrating. I'm talking about the star of the show, the open bar! To-be-married couples, I'm sure you think that everyone's is coming for you, but trust me, daaru trumps gushy-mushy shaadi shenanigans every time.

So since it's such an important part of every big, fat Indian wedding, you might as well spruce it up and make it look quirky and gorgeous, whatever the style or theme of your wedding may be. To give you some inspiration, here are 6 types of things you can do to make your wedding bar worth remembering.

1. The real car-o-bar

Who wants to drink out of the boot of a car when you can drink from a giant truck. What a fun and quirky way to invite people to come drink and let loose!? And an added benefit is that it's so eye-catching in terms of decor that you can go easy on the florals and table dressings.

2. Let's start the pool party! 

What do we like more than a pool party with a crazy bar? A pool party with a floating bar! Your guests don't even need to get out and refill their glasses, it's all right there. Of course, you can't make extravagant cocktails, but beer and champagne work pretty darn well!

3. An elegant marquee light

If subtle is more your jam then going for a single marquee light fixture with 'Bar' is a good option. It's bold enough to be eye-catching but isn't extra opulent to take over the theme of your wedding. 

4. Promote that shaadi hashtag 

Okay, this isn't a bar idea but it is related to drinks. If you can promote your wedding hashtag when it comes to decor then why not daaru? Have it as a sticky label for your beers and even on glasses for the party (the easily removable ones). It's customised and quirky all together!

5. Buckets of chilled goodness

If you're going for a smaller space especially for a function like mehendi or a pool party and you don't have room for a full fledge-fledged bar, these colourful buckets with ice inside is a good way to go. They look cute and they keep the beer and wine chilled, what's not to love!?

6. Handmade beer taproom


So last year, I built this beer wall. Still working on getting my own tap system to get it up and running this year (instead of renting a tap system every time). But my dad and I spent a day throwing this bad boy together. I always laugh because I use reclaimed materials and he LOVES straight lines and clean, neat, finished products. This was a huge compromise for him... see that lip on the edge of the ‘tabletop’? He wanted to cut that off so bad. But it naturally angled and I wouldn’t let him touch it. He hated it. I loved it. Together, we make a pretty good building team 👍🏻👍🏻. And the wood was taken from scraps from a very dear friend’s saw mill. Much love to CPH 🙏. I know I’m making you proud up there! 💕 . . . So, another example of a #signatureeventbyautumn ... I built the beer wall for the cost of parts, but 2 weddings split the cost. If someone chooses the signature package, I’ll build pretty much anything I can, and charge cost of materials, so I can re-use it for future weddings! Making it a relatively inexpensive statement piece. I also built those boxes to hold cups, collected growlers for floral arrangements, cause the groom loves craft beer! I styled these florals myself, and made some chalkboard signs. Voila! A working beer wall in the middle of a wooded clearing, near Glacier! No power required 💪🏻 . . . #beer #kegbeer #weddingbar #diy #handmade #madewithlove #craftbeer #montanaweddingplanner #montanaweddingdesigner #montanawedding #woodworking #barnwood #reclaimedwood #kegwall #beerwall #growler #glacier #glacierwedding #imadethis #crafty #girlswithpowertools. And thank you @greendoorphoto for this awesome capture! 📷 @undercanvasofficial @undercanvas_events @tamarackbrewing

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Oh yes, got lots of beer lovers in your wedding crew? Then this one's perfect for you! You can get this wooden plank and get an entire array of beers flowing from the taps. You can keep it placed for the entire duration of the functions so that it's there even during the smaller day celebrations as a refreshment. You can have an added bar for cocktails cause you ain't gonna need a bartender for this one.

So 3...2...1... shots for all! 🥂