12 Assumptions That Can Ruin Your Relationship That You Might Not Be Aware Of!

12 Assumptions That Can Ruin Your Relationship That You Might Not Be Aware Of!

It's true when they say 'when in doubt, always ask'. Doubt and assumptions are something that just doesn't affect your life in general but it completely ruins your relationship. We always have these set of assumptions for our significant other, that we so firmly believe that it's true. Which sometimes turn out to be true, but never doubt and jump to conclusions before actually knowing what the situation is.

Here are some assumptions that we might make about our partners, which I'm sure many of us can relate to.

1. Assuming that you are going to do everything together.

Just because you're a couple that doesn't mean you will be doing every single thing together. You need to give each other some space and the freedom to do 'your own thing'.

lets do this together

2. Assuming that they're gonna treat you the same way they treated their exes.

Never ever assume that you will be treated the same way as they treated their ex. It's the most horrible assumption and can totally disrupt your relationship.

3. Assuming that they're into every person of the opposite gender they talk to.

Not everyone they talk to is as special as you are. Be confident in your partner and have faith that there's no way that they're into someone else.

4. Assuming that they don't have time for you when they're busy.

When they don't have time for you, don't think that they've forgotten you because they might just be simply busy with work or caught up with something. That doesn't mean they're ignoring you or you're not important.

4. when they dont have time

5. Assuming that they'll do the same thing to you again which probably hurt you before.

I'm sure some things do repeat itself, but already assuming in your head that it will happen then it just might, so think positive! ALWAYS!

6. Assuming that they were players just because they have a past.

Well, they've had a few relationships in the past, right? You need to stop doubting and trust them for who they are right now with you. And, just because they've had a past doesn't mean they'll play with you.

7. Assuming that your partner can read your mind.

No one can read your mind, let alone your partner. So, tell them how you feel when you feel cause they're not psychics.

read minds

8. Assuming that they don't want you around (at certain occasions)

He might want to go for a boys' night or a family dinner where you're not invited. That's okay. These things don't mean he loves or values you less.

9. Assuming that they don't care enough.

This is possibly the worst one. It's all too possible that you're being insecure and they did nothing to trigger the behaviour. Try and work through your feelings rationally. If you're still not convinced, talk to them!

10. Assuming that they will cheat on you.

I don't even want to tell you why this assumption can be heartbreaking.



11. Assuming that they are no longer interested.

If you think that they are no longer interested, or feel that way always talk it out. Communication is the key!

Patience is the key so whenever there are certain assumptions that have crept into your mind. Deal with them maturely!

Believe me, you will thank me after that!