The A To Z Of Punjabi Weddings 'Coz Punjabiyaan Di Battery Charged Rehndi Hai!

The A To Z Of Punjabi Weddings 'Coz Punjabiyaan Di Battery Charged Rehndi Hai!

There are very few things that actually get me excited and Punjabi weddings are one of those. It doesn't matter how lazy you are (trust me, I understand), the energy that comes with a Punju wedding is enough to get even the slowest, laziest people dancing to those bhangra beats. Just like any other wedding, a Punjabi shaadi or vyah is a complete package - a lot of rituals, customs, dance, emotions and masti. But being a true blue Punjabi, I am obviously a little (okay, a lot) biased towards Punju weddings. They are epic. They are a little more than epic. I know I've been saying a lot of good things about Punjabi weddings, so here - go through this A to Z list of all the things that make them so much fun, and you'll understand my excitement!

A for Anand Karaj

The Sikh wedding ceremony is called the Anand Karaj. And even though punjabis are not necessarily Sikh, the two communities do have a lot of common traditions. Anand Karaj is a beautiful ceremony that takes place in the Gurudwara with just the close friends and family. It is usually followed by a reception party later in the evening.

B for Baari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si

Ab ye kisko nahi pata?! The one and only song that makes a Punjabi wedding what they are... super duper fun! Here's a video of a slightly modern version of this song from Band Baaja Baaraat:

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Oh, oh, oh! B could also stand for bhangra and baraat, just saying!

C for Chooda

Even though there are a lot of styles and colours that are available now, the traditional red chooda will always be an important part of a Punju wedding.

D for Dhol

Do I even need to explain why this is important? Dhols and dholis are the two most sought after things at a Punjabi wedding, and for a good reason! No dhol, no masti!

E for Energy

Everybody, from the 2-year olds to the 80-year olds are equally excited at our shaadis. There is no concept of not having fun at a Punju wedding. Chattering, dancing, selecting matching jewellery, 20 rounds to the nearby market and staying up all night are just a few things that you will get to see at our shaadi wala ghar. 

F for Fukrey

In case you don't know the meaning of fukrey, it means someone who is good for nothing. And while you will find a lot of people making themselves useful, running around and doing all the work, you will also come across that one person who is just lazing around and doing nothing. Besides clicking selfies, of course. Trust me, every Punjabi wedding has a fukra or a group of fukras making every uncle's BP reach the sky.

oh ho ho

G for Ghodi

A female horse which the groom rides to the wedding venue, along with the baraat. Even though more and more grooms are now opting for more stylish and practical ways of reaching their wedding venues, a ghodi will probably always be a part of Punju weddings. 

H for Haldi

The haldi ceremony has a lot of significance in every wedding, and we just know how to make it fun. All the young cousins and friends of the bride and groom also get coloured with haldi in the hope that they too will get married soon. After all, jitni shaadiyan, utna fun!


I for Ik Kudi

And hey, Punjabi weddings don't just have one cute girl, they have many! So, mundeya di ho gayi wah bhai wah!

J for Joota Chupai

One of the most fun rituals - hiding the groom's shoes and taking sagan for returning them back. Such fun!

K for Kaleere

Not only do these trinkets look gorgeous, they also hold a lot of meaning for the Punjabi bride. And of course, if her kaleeras fall on an unmarried girl, it is believed that the girl is next in line to get married. Cool, right? So if you want to get married but something or the other is coming in the way, you need to quickly find a soon-to-be married Punjabi girl and befriend her.

L for Laavan

The pheras in a Punjabi wedding are called Laavan.


M for Mehendi

Mehendi ni mehendi!

N for Nachde Ne Saare

What is a Punju wedding without a lot of dance? No fun!

O for O Ho Ho Ho... O Ho Ho Ho

Ishq tera tadpave!!! 


P for Phulkari

Phulkari is the traditional threadwork which is originally found in Punjab. Chances are high that you will find atleast one woman flaunting a phulkari ka dupatta, fosho! In fact, phulkari dupattas are a common wedding favour at a Punjabi wedding. 

Q for Quickies

Ummm, it's true! You'll find the most good-looking guys and girls at a Punjabi shaadi! And way too many options, cuz we like to call the entire world to our weddings! get the point, right?! 

R for Rishtedaro ke sawaal

...and the occasional bawaal! Got it, got it? *wink*


S for Sangeet

The night when everybody gets super drunk and breaks the dance floor!

T for Tikke shikke

...and kabab shabab, and butter chicken and dal makhni and paneer and okay, I need to stop.


U for Unending masti

Again, need I explain?

V for Veer Ji Vyon Chaleya

A very famous Punjabi song which basically means my brother is getting married. It plays during every Punjabi boy's wedding and all his cousins, friends and siblings go cray cray dancing to it.

W for Waheguru

No Punjabi event ever begins without taking God's name. So usually, a Kirtan or Paath is organized on the first day of the celebrations.

X for all things Xtra

Xtra bling, xtra fun, xtra relatives, xtra food, xtra drinks and just all things Punjabi!


Y for Yaar Anmulle

Well, this is not limited to just Punjabi weddings, but the yaar anmulle or the closest friends of the bride and groom are an integral part of any wedding celebration!

Z for Zing Zing Zingaat

Zingaat is a marathi slang that means go crazy and dance and we Punjabis know how to do just that!

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