This Swimsuit Model Walked The Ramp While Breastfeeding Her Baby Girl

This Swimsuit Model Walked The Ramp While Breastfeeding Her Baby Girl

A major fashion moment that was also a big win for women expressing themselves fully came from an unlikely source... The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show. The iconic magazine marketed majorly towards men has been keeping itself relevant with their swimsuit edition, a cover which is coveted by many aspiring models. So it was quite refreshing to see a show of such bravado and unbiased femininity from the models that, understandably, made headline everywhere!

In a spontaneous move, model Mara Martin chose to walk down the runway nursing her 5-month old daughter. Don't believe us? Here she is and her adorable baby in an itsy bitsy bikini (and diaper!):

A first of its kind, this moment occurred during the Paraiso x SI Swimsuit runway show where Mara walked in a gold, one-shouldered bikini. The entire show was put on by models who would have equally made headlines as well. From a woman waiting to go serve in the army, one who'd have a mastectomy, a cancer survivor and even a two-time Paralympic gold medalist, this runway show was something out of the ordinary!

Talking about her historic model, Mara was surprised, to say the least. "It is truly so humbling and unreal, to say the least. I’m so grateful to be able to share this message and hopefully normalize breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL! But to be honest, the real reason I can’t believe it is a headline is that it shouldn’t be a headline!!! My story of being a mother and feeding her while walking is just that."

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While there were so many other deserving stories to be told on that ramp, we understand why Mara's the one that has caught the most attention. A natural act like breastfeeding has been so terribly tabooed in modern society, this conversation needed a spark to grab the limelight. While at home, lawmakers are trying to de-stigmatise the act and provide more infrastructure to women where they can easily breastfeed in public, stories like these help give the matter more perspective.

Also, it's totally badass, so kudos to this glorious mother!