This Is How You Can Make The Best Of All The EOSS Sale Going On Everywhere RN!

This Is How You Can Make The Best Of All The EOSS Sale Going On Everywhere RN!

The End Of Season Sale is upon us. Brands everywhere have their prices slashed off on clearance merch to make room for new ones. And while the prospect of a sale seems enticing for most women, they are almost daunting. It can be easy to overlook value over discounted price and end up with a bunch of random stuff that you later don't know what to do about!

There are though a few shopping tips you can keep in mind while heading out during the sale season. We compiled them in easy to remember pointers so you can make the most of this godsend opportunity. Take a look!

1. Prep According To Your Existing Wardrobe

Grab a notepad and head to your closet. Go through everything your own and make a list of styles you do not yet own but wish to AND styles that need a replacement. This is the prep you absolutely need before shopping at a sale to avoid the scenario of ending up with repeats you might never wear. 

2. Hunt For The Timeless Classics

When in doubt, stick to the classics. A sale is not the pace to try out and buy experimental styles, that cannot be returned if you hate them. Timeless blue jeans and light skirts for the summer, coats for the winter and other seasonal items should be on your agenda. 

3. Pay With Cash %281%29

This rule should not be exclusive to just shopping during a sale. You tend to pay more when shopping with plastic than hard cash. Carry your budget in cash, that way you won't go overboard and will avoid any post-purchase guilt sessions. 

4. Sleep In Before, Snack And Hydrate!

A universal truth all women will agree on, shopping is exhausting! Especially during sale season when you want to check out all your favourite brands offering sweet deals. Get properly rested, wear comfy shoes, carry energy bars and water. Take short rests in between stores so you don't get saturated by looking at merch too much.

5. Beware Of Getting Your BFFs Along %282%29

Shopping with your BFFs should be a leisure activity, not a functional one. Don't get distracted by letting people tag along who will slow you down or those who egg you on to buy more.

6. Apply The '5 Times' Rule

This is the '5 times rule': Before you buy a top, think to yourself if you can wear the same to five different times to different places and with different combinations. These are the kind of staples that you should seek out when you're in the midst of sale frenzy. 

7. Timing Is Key %283%29

Working women need to get smart with their sale days and timings. If you can swing a weekday to shop at an EOSS all will be merry. But if you are stuck with weekends go really early or really late. Reach their during the opening to pick the best of the lot without haggling with the crowd. 

8. Check For Damages

There is a reason why prices are slashed at certain merchandise during sale season, it's because those pieces didn't sell all year due to being an unpopular or having small damages. Check your merchandise before you go through the checkout since sale stuff has more chances to be defective than new ones.  

9. Look All Over The Place %284%29

Don't half-ass your sale shopping day. Go through all the brands that have a sale on and try to look at everything on the racks on sale. Even though you might have found you were looking for, their might be something pretty interesting at the other end of the store.