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Don't Stress Out About Moving Out: The Fashion Girl's Guide To Packing Like A Pro!

Don't Stress Out About Moving Out: The Fashion Girl's Guide To Packing Like A Pro!

Whether you’re moving cities to attend your dream college or a working woman moving homes to make the commute to work easier, moving homes is a big deal. And it is not easy. It’s not easy to be changing your surroundings completely, so there’s the whole experience of adjusting to an unfamiliar environment. What is even worse, though, is the part that precedes the moving. Yep, I’m referring to all the packing.

Now, I don’t know much about furniture but I do know there’s little you can do about that apart from calling the professionals to take care of it. However, being a fashion girl, making sure you minimise the inconvenience and packing efficiently is something you can work toward. The aim is to get things done swiftly and in a systematic manner. After all, you wouldn’t want to move into the house and have to restock your closet from scratch.

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If only there were a way to send your complete closet intact to the new house and skipping the whole packing process. Unfortunately, that is in fact, impossible. But what you CAN do is pack in a manner that you just unpack and place the batches exactly as you’d stocked them in your old closet. Sounds perfect, right?

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re packing your closet to move houses:

1. Organise And Declutter Before Starting

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Before you start even thinking about packing, pick out all the clothes and accessories that you don’t use anymore and discard them. It’ll be tough to part with everything you’ve been hoarding but it’s necessary. It’ll cut down the number of items you have to pack.

2. Put Away Off-Season Clothing

If you know you’re moving, pack off-season clothing a couple of months earlier. Doing a part of the packing beforehand makes it more systematic when you’re packing clothing you will need as soon as you move in.

3. Pack Ahead Of Time

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Make sure you don’t leave the packing to the last week. It’s going to be a mess, trust me. Like I said, packing in parts is always better. That way you don’t need to put your life on hold for one whole week just to pack your complete closet.

4. Keep *Moving Week* Clothing Aside

When you’re packing ahead of time, don’t forget to keep a week’s clothing aside to wear for when you’re about to move. You don’t want to dig through boxes just to find something to wear to work that day, do you?

5. Decide On Packing Material Depending On The Move

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If you’re moving cities, it’s better to seal clothes in old, reusable plastic bags and stack them in boxes. However, if you’re not moving far away, pick suitcases as they’re more convenient to carry around.

6. Pack Different Categories Separately

By categories, I mean tops, pants, shorts, skirt et al. However, if you’re a true fashion girl, you can get even more specific and pack the party tops together, your maxi-skirts together and so on. You’ll be better off placing them in the packed piles right into your closet.

7. Pack Different Compartments & Drawers Separately

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We all have separate drawers and compartments for lingerie, nightwear, socks etc. Pack your drawers separately. If you have a specific order in which you have stacked your shirts, like most used on the top and least used on the bottom. Pick up those stacks and pack them as they are.

8. Pack All You’re Hanging Clothes Together With Hanger Covers

Same goes for clothes you hang instead of fold and stack. When you’re unpacking in your new house, it’ll take hours to find and separate them again. Why not just use hanger covers and use them to store batches of 4-5 clothes on the hangers itself? I know, I’m good.

9. Pack Your Shoes & Accessories In Batches

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Carry your jewellery in boxes and label them. Apart from this, shoes and bags are very heavy, so, don’t pack ‘em all together. Pack them in batches of 6-7 so that the boxes aren’t too big or too heavy to carry during your move.

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