Clothing Anxieties That You & All Your BFFs Go Through!

Clothing Anxieties That You & All Your BFFs Go Through!

Fashion is a big and wonderful part of women's lives... but having said that, it can also be daunting! We all have our insecurities about our bodies, lifestyle, relationships and clothing is one big part of it. With social media blowing up and more emphasis being put on how we look, dressing up can give us anxiety-ridden days. Even though we think most of them are superficial and all in your head, some can get genuinely stressful. Let's look at some of the anxieties that women have about fashion... and how to get over them!

1. "I Have Nothing To Wear!"

Taking the top spot is the exhausted exclamations made by all women in the morning. What you wear on a given day reflects your mood greatly, so it gets annoying when all you see is bright colours on the top shelf on your second day. Having a properly set wardrobe is the key to make all of your clothes accessible and visible at a given time. 

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2. "Do These Go Together?"

Putting together the perfect ensemble is a chore at the very least, even more so difficult when you get impatient about it. The trick to deal with this is to lighten up and not get caught up in fashion rules of putting together separates. Add your personal style to daily looks and experiment big!

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3. "Does This Make My Ass Look Big?" A

For women who think they have problem areas in their frame, this has to be a big one! A variety of clothes fit you differently so stressing yourself out about a little junk in the trunk is completely illogical. Getting over-anxious about your body is not healthy, especially since every kind of body type is perfect in its own way!

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4. "Can They See Through My Shirt?"

Fabrics like silk and sheer can become very problematic very fast if they come in the wrong light or get wet. Constantly worrying about any wardrobe malfunction in public is daunting, so make sure you check your clothes from all angles before stepping out for your day! It's really that simple. 

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5. "Was Buying Those Corduroy Pants A Good Idea?"

Buyer's remorse is a real issue with women. Questioning your purchase immediately after leaving the store can make you anxious, so keep your shopping systematic and only buy the stuff that you know for sure is right for you!

Shop smart and avoid buyer's remorse with these simple shopping tips

6. "Should I Wear This Expensive New Dress?"

A lot of the women, women wouldn't even unwrap their inexpensive clothes and shoes with fear of ruining them by putting them on. At the same time, you want to wear them. Cue: anxieties! Just follow the proper care instructions and be cautious when you have something pricey on and finally put on those brand new boots!

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7. "This Is Not What I Had In Mind" 3

The styles you see on celebs and models, in fashion magazines, all over social media or online portals, is never the real thing. Getting anxious about not being able to achieve that same look is normal, but you better get over it and rock your own version of it!

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8. "What Is Everybody Else Wearing?"

Going out to a party is ridden with personal anxieties enough, worrying about what other people will be wearing is an added disadvantage. Just keep in mind the vibe and theme of the event and you should be fine!

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9. "This Is The Last Time I Check Myself Out In The Mirror!" 4

By a show of hands... how many of you catch a peek every time you pass through a mirror? The constant need to check yourself out in public mirrors is s very special kind of OCD that you shouldn't have the time for!