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Feeling Old? Use Trends To Look Younger But Not Childish!

Feeling Old? Use Trends To Look Younger But Not Childish!

Do you hate that you’re not as old as your wardrobe makes you look? Or that you’ve grown up but your wardrobe needs to catch up, like, for real? Happens to the best of us. There’s a fine line between dressing young and dressing like a child. With a long list of millennial trends taking over wardrobes all over the world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by them. You either end up wearing them all wrong, in which case you end up looking like a middle-aged person dressed like a teen… OR you just stay away from them completely and play it safe, because of which your wardrobe might lack the zing it needs.

If you’re good with how you dress, you do you, girl! But if you want a change and want to fix this less-than-desirable sitch, we’ve got your back. The trick is to use millennial trends such as cropped tops and ripped jeans to dress younger vs. ODing on them and looking like a hot mess. I’ve curated a cheat sheet that’ll sail you through this problem smoothly courtesy some trends everyone’s loving ATM. Here goes:

1. Crop Tops: Wear them with high-waisted, structured bottoms vs. mid-waist, frumpy bottoms

1 kendall jenner dress younger not childish

Switch that hosiery mid-waist skirt with high-waist mom jeans and watch how your look turns from ‘teenager’ to ‘total babe’.

POPxo recommends: High-Waist Pocket Cropped Jeans (Rs 1,449) by Shein

2. Ripped Jeans: Go for shapely ‘mom jean’ silhouettes vs. extreme rip frumpy jeans

2 bella dress younger not childish

Turn to mom jeans with rips for a younger personal style. You’re better off without those extreme rip boyfriend jeans if you don’t want a look that’s kiddish.

POPxo recommends: Z1975 Mom Fit Jeans With Patches (Rs 2,490) by Zara

3. Mini Skirts: Wear them with boxy tops or shirts vs. body-hugging tees

3 jessica alba dress younger not childish

Body-hugging tees with mini skirts are so 90s high school fashion. However, swap those tees for boxy crop tops or shirt and shave a few years off your wardrobe!

POPxo recommends: Dip Hem Dual Pocket Shirt (Rs 786) by Romwe

4. Backpacks: Go ‘Plain Jane’ vs. ‘Busy Body’

4 dakota jaohnson backpack dress younger not childish

I know, I know - those iridescent backpacks look sooo cool. Unfortunately, not only are they on their way out, they also look ridiculously childish, like pre-teen level childish. Choose bright solid coloured backpacks instead!

POPxo recommends: Backpack (Rs 1,999) by H&M

5. Colour: Mix fewer colours vs curating a rainbow

5 priyanka chopra dress younger not childish copy

We love colours! Don’t shy away from millennial pink or bright yellows. Wear them as much as you want, pair 2 or 3 colours to colour block. Mixing more than 4-5 solid colours ends up looking like Candyland, if you know what I mean.

POPxo recommends: Satiny Wide Leg Trousers (Rs 1,199) by Forever 21

6. Sneakers: Wear with structured and tailored clothing vs. feminine flowy fabrics

6 kangana ranaut dress younger not childish

There’s nothing I love more than super cool trainers. With my sneakers, I pair button-down shirts, tailored trousers and shirt dresses for a cool-chic outfit. Wearing sneakers with a floral print chiffon dress might look childish, which you don’t want. Do ya?

POPxo recommends: Checks And Plaid Cotton Trousers Set (Rs 1,499) by StalkBuyLove

7. Retro Sunglasses: Cat-eye vs. novelty shapes

7 gigi hadid dress younger not childish copy

Cat-eye sunnies add freshness to your style, no matter what you’re wearing. Novelty shaped sunglasses such as hearts and stars don’t go with everything. Also, they are more of a costume accessory rather than everyday.

And, if all else fails, remember, carrying a quirky tote bag or laptop skin can always do the trick. Our top choice? This tote right here that is a definite head-turner! You're welcome!

POPxo recommends: Glitter Fram Cat Eye Sunglasses (Rs 480) by The Style Syndrome