7 Print-Overdose Products For The Girl Who Can't Deal With Being Basic!

7 Print-Overdose Products For The Girl Who Can't Deal With Being Basic!

If you have been accused of going a bit too basic, we have a remedy for that. A sure-shot way to instantly amp up your fashion and lifestyle accessories is to tap onto the artsy side of things. How do you turn your usual home and fashion accessories onto something more characterful? Add prints!

Don’t hold back from being a bit OTT, ‘coz we have a collection of merch that will be a sight for sore eyes for quirky girls. The all-over print on the accessories is fun, cheeky and fresh…  a vibe for the season we hope you are looking for.

1. This Flamingo Pouch

1 accessories

Heading to a delicious tropical destination? Don’t forget to pack this flamingo printed pouch with your luggage, it will go perfectly well with your vacay mood and remind you to take it easy!

POPxo Recommends: Canvas Flamingo Couch (Rs 549)

2. This Hearts Tote

2 accessories

Whether you are heading to the beach or just to pick up groceries, a pretty fabric tote will always come in handy. Better make it a cheeky one while we’re at it, shall we?

POPxo Recommends: Hearts Tote Bag (Rs 599)

3. These Pretty Coasters

3 accessories

Serve up sass with the afternoon coffee! These ‘100% Boy Tears’ coasters are as salty as they come. They also look super adorable in their blush and bright hues!

POPxo Recommends: 100% Boy Tears Coasters (Rs 399)

4. This Quirky Mug

4 accessories

Remind yourself of all the good things in life while having a cup of chai at work! Be cautious though, this mug can create crazy cravings for the weak-willed foodie!

POPxo Recommends: Fries Before Guys Coffee Mug (Rs 499)

5. This Fruity Cushion Cover

5 accessories

Whether you use cushions for a game of sexy pillow fight or use it so your head can find a soft cover to rest on… these living room items need to accessorise! We suggest a healthy snack, for a change?

POPxo Recommends: Banana Cushion Cover (Rs 499)

6. An Adorable Laptop Skin

6 accessories

Need a sneaky skin to pass out subliminal messages to your boss? Grab this skin for a steal price and start hustling for the vacay chutti way before you officially ask for it!

POPxo Recommends: Travel On My Mind Laptop Skin (Rs 449)

7. This Cheeky Phone Cover

7 accessories

Are you a beauty lover who can’t get enough of lipsticks? Pretty up your Instagram aesthetic with this phone cover. It looks like something straight out of a vintage poster from the 80s!

POPxo Recommends: Lips Phone Cover (Rs 499)