Pout & Pose: 6 Foolproof Ways To Pair Your Lipstick With Your Outfit!

Pout & Pose: 6 Foolproof Ways To Pair Your Lipstick With Your Outfit!

Do you know what happened to me last weekend? I put on my best Saturday night outfit ever, made up my face but left my lipstick for the car - this is something I do often. After getting to the lounge (thank god for dim lit bars that make you feel blind) I ran to the ladies’ room to apply my lip colour. When I was done, I realised that the colour was all wrong for my bubblegum pink dress.

Usually, it turns out okay, but for 3 weekends in a row I’ve picked up my go-to pink nude lipstick and to my surprise, it’s failed me and my outfit choices. So, that’s how I got here. I did some R&D and thought I could share my findings… It’s good to have a cheat sheet, right? Saves time and saves money too! ‘Coz if you invest big amounts in lip colours that hardly ever go with your go-to clothing colours, it’s a waste, no?

I got your back. Here are some foolproof tips that you can thank me for later.

1. Dull, Lighter Colours X Deep Dark Lips

1 pair lip colour with outfit radhika apte

With colours like khaki, light grey and beige it’s best to pair deeper and darker lip colours like burgundy, plum and maroon. Since lighter colours are more popular during the summer, you’re bound to benefit from this tip, and often.

2. Bright Shiny Colours X Pink Lip Tint

2 lip colour with outfit shraddha

This trick helps with Indian wear and going-out outfits. Most people find colours like yellow, mustard, orange, hot red and peacock blue tricky to pair their lip colour with. Invest in a long lasting lip stain or lip tint that balances out the brightness in your look.

3.  Blacks, Whites X Bold Red

3 pair lip colour with outfit sonam

Not only will this trick always work, it will elevate all your monochrome outfits like how! My style is more of a deep red but if you love a bright red, go for it, girl.

4. Deep Colours X Nude

4 lip colour with outfit priyanka

Nudes are the perfect match for your deep coloured outfits. Pick the best kind of nude lipstick according to your outfit. For instance, a nude brown would look stunning with your cherry red dress; Nude pinks paired with your emerald green top or your royal blue saree is nothing short of magic.

5. Dull Matte Fabrics X Velvet Lips

5 pair lip colour and outfit janhvi

Fabrics like cotton and linen are dull and shine free. Whatever colour pairing you go with, a glossy or velvet matte lipstick will change the whole game. So, when you wear your favourite navy linen dress, glide a velvety red over your lips to add some freshness to your look!

6. Shiny Fabrics X Powder Matte Lips

6 pair lip colour and outfit

If you’re confused about what lipstick to wear with fabrics or materials like velvet or vinyl, the best texture to strike a balance with is plain matte. For example, a satin silver dress would look better with a matte red than a glossy one.