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These Gorgeous Floral Saris Are Perfect For All Your Daytime Soirées

Saris come in many styles and forms and to assume that a sari should only be saved for a glitzy evening affair or when a festival comes around is ridiculous. Unfortunately for young women, that is exactly what happens when you utter the word sari. “Won’t I look overdressed in a sari?” is a question that crosses all of our minds.

Remember old photo albums from when our mothers were young? Young women wore saris to college, a picnic or even a friend's place. Adopting this traditional style more often will only make you look more stylish and classy. And if you have a terrible fear of being ‘OTT’, there are simpler styles that fall right into your comfort zone.

We found some super light, easy-to-wear, and totally gorgeous floral saris that you can wear to daytime events. Make sure to drape them casually and stick to a simple blouse. We have all types available right here. Enjoy!

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Published on Jul 28, 2018
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