Need Motivation To Hit The Gym? Follow These Insta Accounts STAT

Need Motivation To Hit The Gym? Follow These Insta Accounts STAT

Being healthy, working out and eating right has become a trend, and we're not complaining! With Instagram and social media promoting this fitter and healthier lifestyle, it's no longer okay to be a couch potato. People are taking nutrition and overall wellness seriously.

However, even if the will to be in good shape and follow a regime is there, sometimes it's hard to follow through. So, to make sure that doesn't happen, we've got a list of 5 Plixxo influencers who are fit and fabulous. Looking at them, you'll want to be too!

1. Abhinav Mahajan


The ultimate goal is Self Actualisation. You'll find a lot of distractions on the way, be it money, relationships, yearning for significance, but the end game goal, till you reach that 8 feet in the ground is to be the best version of yourself . Self growth never stops and The bitter truth is, it only comes when you throw yourself in uncomfortable situations. Things that challenge your beliefs , your conditionings . You can either let life put you in situations where you have to fightback in order to grow, or you can do it consiously. Either way you will have to grow. No single person on this Earth has degraded from what he/she was 10 years ago. If you didn't choose it consiously you were put in situations where you had no other option but to just comeback stronger . The Choice is always yours. Every day you wake up, put all your efforts in making yourself better. Put yourself in situations that challenge your comfort zone and you'll see the inner magic soon . What are your thoughts about this? Comment below . #bestversionofyourself #getuncomfortable #theking #challengeyourself #lifeisgood #selfactualisation #striveforgreatness #authenticity

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Did you know there were so many muscles in a human body? Abhinav specialises in transformations and regularly posts before and after pictures of people who have gone through the grind and emerged stronger. If they can do it, why not you! 

2. Zoe Modgill

Follow her if you want a more wholesome approach towards fitness. Eating right, special exercises for women are all of Zoe's strong suits. She even pays attention to pre and post-natal workouts. She shows small clips of pilates exercises, ones you can do without any equipment at home.

3. Radhika Bose

Radhika is an all-in-one lifestyle blogger you should follow. She is a yoga enthusiast, a fitness freak and her YouTube channel Yogasini boasts of the same. But that's not all, she posts pictures travelling, eating, dancing and leading an overall robust life. For her, it's all about a healthy mind, body, and soul!

4. Nidhi Mohan Kamal


Presenting #Truckaasana My version of Dipper Aasan 😎😎 . Truck drivers log maximum hours on the road and with no proper rest, their bodies go through a lot of stress. Castrol India along with Yoga Institute have customized some Yoga Aasanas for Truck drivers, they are designed especially to improve their posture and strength and release the stressed muscle groups. . Super happy and proud of Castrol India for taking this noble initiative. Next time you pass by a truck don’t forget to salute these heroes that make our lives easy and sacrifice a lot so we get everything on time. . Do check my story for this noble initiative 🙏 . #yoga #nobleyoga #castrolindia #desimuscles #move #getfit #fitnessforall #truckerlife #truckerlifestyle #yogalove #yogaforall

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This lady is making vegan cool in India by posting recipes that are a treat to the eyes. She has a body we're all envious of, thanks to the training and lifting. She does CrossFit as well as strength training and proves that weight training is not a guy's arena.

5. Anshuka Parwani


#ToeStand The truth about getting older is that you stop trying to prove anything to anyone, and try to find balance within yourself. 🙏 * - • Toe stands are incredible feats of strength and stability. Developing foot flexibility to be able to comfortably balance, followed by stabilizing the ankle so that the hip can balance on it without throwing of your center of gravity, finding the right point of balance on the bottom of the hip, the lengthening of the spine, constantly elongating, and finally, making sure the movement is absorbed by the hip sway instead of the upper body in order to keep balance 🙌 Wearing @aloyoga 📸 - @ashwin.fernandes • - • #yogi #yogainspiration #yoga #yogagram igyoga #igyogafam #instayoga #yogisofinstagram #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogadaily #aloyoga #practiceandalliscoming #namaste #igfitness #strength #flexibility #yogajourney #yogamastersindia @yogamastersindia #applewatchseries3 #yogacommunity #yogajournal #yogalover #yogspiration #iloveyoga #myyogalife #yogapose #selfpractice #yogaeverydamnday #padangusthasana #anshukayoga

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Anshula is striving to merge workouts from the west and with yoga to create an even more rigorous training session. She does Yogalates, aerial yoga and even power yoga. So if you think this is the kind of lifestyle you want to imbibe, she's the Yogini for you!

So what are you waiting for? 3...2...1... SQUAT!