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15 Dialogues Only Salman Khan Could’ve Pulled Off Because Bhai Ka Dum!

15 Dialogues Only Salman Khan Could’ve Pulled Off Because Bhai Ka Dum!

Salman Khan is undisputedly one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. His style and swag are emulated by millions across the globe, but no one can be Bhai. His movies break records every time they hit the screens. Fans go gaga over his high-octane action sequences, crazy dance moves, eccentric expressions and impeccable dialogue delivery. We believe, and rightfully so, that there's nothing Salman can't do. Be it firing at the evil villains holding a bazooka with one hand or moving mountains by staring at them, Bhai can make anything possible.

For all Salman Bhai fans out there, here's a list of dialogues only he could've pulled off. We bet you'll agree as you scroll. Read on!

1. This Pickup Line Might Not Work For You Unless You're Bhai

salman dialogues

2. The Ultimate Threat

salman dialogues1

3. We Believe This Blindly Because Bhai Said So

salman dialogues3

4. Such Commitment, Much Wow!

salman dialogues4

5. Don't Think Bhai Would Ever Need A Favour Anyway!

salman dialogues5

6. Undoubtedly, He Has One Of The Best Bodies In Tinsel Town

salman dialogues6

7. Only Bhai Can Challenge A Website

salman dialogues8

8. Bhai Is Above God

salman dialogues7

9. What Is Bhai's Business, Is None Of Our Business

salman dialogues9

10. Confidence Toh Dekho!

salman dialogues10

11. I Must Rethink About My Relationship Already

salman dialogues11

12. Bhai Teaches You Self-Love

salman dialogues12

13. When Bhai Tweets In The Middle Of The Night

salman dialogues13

14. Bhai's Got Talent

salman dialogues14

15. Bhai Is A Better Teacher Than Life Can Ever Be

salman dialogues15

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