10 Potential Benefits Of Being In An Open Relationship

10 Potential Benefits Of Being In An Open Relationship

Humans are emotional people, who like to have a constant support all throughout. We like to share our smiles and sorrows with people who're special to us. But more often than not, we end up getting hurt by their actions. This only happens because we invest a lot in our relationships- mentally, physically, emotionally and sometimes even financially.

But there's always a solution to these untimely heartbreaks. Open relationships! You're not accountable or answerable to anyone when you're in an open relationship. You go to bed stress-free and live like a free bird with many perks. Just in case you're not already convinced to try it, here are some potential benefits of being in an open relationship. Read on to know more!

1. Self-Reliance

Relationships eventually make you dependent on your partner even for the smallest of things. But in an open relationship, you don't have someone there for you constantly. So, you become stronger and more self-dependent.

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2. You'll Become More Open-Minded

Sometimes, it's fun to break the norm and try something unconventional. This helps you broaden your horizon and view things in a different light. An open relationship can give you that perspective.

3. There'll Be Less Fear Of A Break-Up

Even before we jump into a relationship with someone, we fear losing them. An open relationship does not bind you to someone formally so there's always an out. This may help you be less scared about losing them. As they say, you can't lose something you never had.

4. No Jealousy And Insecurities

When you know they're not yours and neither are you theirs, there'll be no jealousy or insecurities. Jealousy comes with monogamy. And with no such issues, there would be no baseless fights. So, it'll be a healthier relationship.

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5. No Guilt

If you engage with someone out of your relationship, there's a guilt of cheating on them. But this is something that wouldn't be the case if you're in an open relationship. 

6. Fewer Responsibilities

Relationships come with truckloads of responsibilities and expectations. But if you're not in that setting at all, you're a free bird. You're only responsible for yourself. You don't have to fear that you've been a disappointment to anyone.

7. There'll Be More Trust

Since you're not obligated to tell anyone about your whereabouts, you'd want to do it yourself. This eventually makes fo better communication between you and your partner resulting in a gradual building of trust.

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8. Sex Will Be More Passionate

Complacency will not find its place in your open relationship. You'll be excited to have sex with your partner because you don't get it all the time from them. So, the craving will be higher and so will be the intensity.

9. More Options To Choose From

When you're in an open relationship, you can explore around. If things don't work out with someone, you can always move on to another partner with whom you feel you're more compatible. 

10. Less Risk Of Getting Your Heart Broken

Heartbreaks come with attachments. When you're not addicted to someone's presence around you from dusk till dawn, you'll have more time for yourself and will not get affected by their absence around you. because they're your choice not a habit.

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