Did Someone Say Happy Hour? 10 Party Pieces That Won't Budge Even When You're Bombed!

Did Someone Say Happy Hour? 10 Party Pieces That Won't Budge Even When You're Bombed!

Drunk nights make great stories right? It’s fun to let loose, be silly and do things that you’d never do. It’s all fun and games… until a picture of your drunk wardrobe malfunction surfaces. You and I both know it’s a pain to hold your clothes in place when your mind and body are on different pages, don’t we? I mean, hot party clothing is also usually flimsy. So, that dress that has that sexy plunge? Probably going to disappoint you by flashing a stranger at the club. Those slinky satin pants? They’re going to slip. Getting a glimpse of someone’s buttcrack while they’re going crazy twerking isn’t a pleasant experience.

While they say what happens in the club, stays in the club, it usually doesn’t end up that way. Growing up makes you right some wrongs, which is our to-do for the day! We have found some tres chic party worthy fashion pieces that will not budge. No matter how sloshed you are, these 10 items will stay put and save you from potentially disastrous wardrobe malfunctions. Here goes:

1. Cor-Set It Up

1 Romwe party pieces drunk

Off-shoulder tops can be hard to deal with when you’re sober, forget when you’re knocking down shots. This lace-up off-shoulder crop top is your best bet! Just lace it up into place and knock those shots down, because this top ain’t budging. Not today, wardrobe malfunctions, not today.

POPxo recommends: Off Shoulder Lace Up Crop Top (Rs 573) by Romwe

2. This Is Slit

2 Shein party pieces drunk

Halter neck tops and dresses like this one are great to have on when you know you’re going to get drunk on shots and hence, wild. It holds your bodice in place while the sexy slit skirt lets you bust a move without a malfunction.

POPxo recommends: Criss Cross Halterneck Maxi Dress (Rs 1,300) by Shein

3. Flared For Days

3 SR Store party pieces drunk

Leggings can be a disaster on drunk nights. They keep slipping down and aren’t the safest bet when it comes to keeping you as concealed as you’d like when you’re drunk. These flared pants with scallop detail are zip up and more secure. Want to swing around like an acrobat? Knock yourself out.

POPxo recommends: Black Scallop Waist Asymmetric Flared Pants (Rs 799) by SR Store

4. Make The Cut

4 Zara party pieces drunk

Keeping it chic on a night of drunk debauchery is a toughie. Not with this cutout knit dress though. Leave your cares behind, all you need to hold on to, now, is your shot glass.

POPxo recommends: Cut-out Knit Dress (Rs 2,590) by Zara

5. The Long And Short Of It

5 h m party pieces drunk

We love party shorts as much as we love party shots! These luxurious almost-knee length shorts will not let you down in drunk times… and they are so stylish, it’s enough of a reason to get them, no?

POPxo recommends: Patterned Shorts (Rs 2,299 ) by H&M

6. Suit Up

7 koovs party pieces drunk

‘We don’t need no wardrobe malfunction’? Get sloshed in peace while your trusted jumpsuit takes over. This turquoise cut-out jumpsuit is a sure shot, trust us.

POPxo recommends: Hammered Satin Jumpsuit (Rs 845) by Koovs

7. Flat Lay

6 lulu   sky party pieces drunk

Uncomfortable and flimsy shoes are just as much of a pain when you're drunk as skimpy clothing. We found you a glamorous pair of flat sandals which won’t give way and cause injuries when you’re making a drunken fool out of your friends. After all, you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed any more than you absolutely have to, right?

POPxo recommends: Get A Gold Flat Sandals (Rs 840) by Lulu & Sky

8. Skort And Sweet

8 MDS party pieces drunk

Skirts go flying about, especially when you're drunk. It’s not the best idea to fall over and find your skirt around your waist, yes? Don’t you fret, dear. These lace-up pink skorts to the rescue. Go short without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions ever again!

POPxo recommends: Wrap Style Skorts With Tie Ups (Rs 990) by MDS

9. What The Tuck

9 forever 21 party pieces drunk

Tops that go untucked easily aren’t your best-friends during happy hour, are they? Stick with this crushed velvet finish bodysuit to be on-point and secured at the same time.

POPxo recommends: Crushed Velvet Knit Halter Bodysuit (Rs 689) by Forever 21

10. Play It Cool

10 dressberry party pieces drunk

Mini dresses might be your go-to for parties but when you’re planning on drinking your weight in alcohol it’s best to put them back in your closet. Invest in a cool playsuit to keep it short while staying away from any peek-a-boo moments.

POPxo recommends: Pink Solid Playsuit (Rs 719) by DressBerry