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All Things Magical: 10 Must-Haves For The Unicorn Lover In You

All Things Magical: 10 Must-Haves For The Unicorn Lover In You

If you enjoy floating up in the clouds, gazing at the rainbow and playing with sparkle then, we have a collection of products that will make your life more magical and keep alive the true unicorn-ness that lives inside your heart. Get ready for a unicorn overload!

1. Phone Case

Unicorn 1

Don’t we all prefer phone cases which have designs and quotes that speak to us? This glittery unicorn mobile cover is what you need if you believe that there exists a paradise where unicorns reside.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 999. 

2. Sweatshirt

Unicorn 2

Move over moonwalk because ‘dab’ is the new cool move in town. And what better than to have a sweatshirt with a dabbing unicorn? This one is a must-have!

Buy it here. Price: Rs 966

3. Gasbag Phone Holder

Unicorn 4

A gasbag phone holder can help you can grip your phone no matter where you are and what you are doing. Unicorns to the rescue!

Buy it here. Price: Rs 207. 

4. Hair Clip

Unicorn 3

Gone are the days of using blows or butterflies as hair clips on your hair. This golden unicorn hair clip will add oomph to your hair flip.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 276.

5. Plunge Halterneck Swimsuit

Unicorn 5

Shades? Ready! Sunscreen? Ready! But still, haven’t found the perfect swimsuit? Well, for the unicorn lover in you, check out this uber-cool halterneck swimsuit that’ll make you want to dive in the pool already.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 897.

6. Pyjamas

Unicorn 6

Hosting a slumber party? While your friends don the usual floral PJs, you can steal the show with these super cute grey unicorn pyjamas.

Buy it here. Price: Rs. 699

7. T-shirt

Unicorn 7

A tee with a quote that makes you stand apart from the mob is a statement, isn't it? So, if you’re someone who wants to shine brighter than others, this is the perfect t-shirt for you. Be a unicorn in the world of horses, woman!

Buy it here. Price: Rs 1,599.

8. Ankle Socks

Unicorn 8

If you love unicorns and want them on the tiniest of your products too, then this pair of socks will have your undivided attention. Let the unicorns keep your feet warm.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 1,199.

9. Drawstring Travel Backpack

Unicorn 9

Travel to your dream destination with your favourite companions - unicorns. This sling bag has the most adorable unicorns on it. Am I right? 

Buy it here. Price: Rs 1,143.

10. Clutch

Unicorn 10

If unicorns are your absolute favourite then you’ll love this cartoon unicorn pattern purse, which is super fashionable and cute. It is designed to store cash, cards, photos and much more.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 2,276.


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Published on Jul 23, 2018
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