At What Age Should You Get Married? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

At What Age Should You Get Married? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

Let us begin by saying that there's no such thing as the perfect age for marriage. All that matters is when you are ready and confident to take that next big step in your life. However, it's always interesting to know what's there in store for you according to your zodiac. Read on to know what's the perfect age for you to tie the knot, according to your stars! 

1. Aries

You are the most impatient one among all the zodiacs and the ideal age for marriage for you is between 22-27 years. However, being impatient and impulsive is not good especially when taking a lifelong decision. 

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2. Taurus

You are commitment phobic. You like the romance, but for you, it's more important to know the person in and out. And that's why the thought of rushing into the bond of marriage is not something you like. You may want to wait till the age of 30 before you find the right person.

3. Gemini

You are the confused soul. Despite of being in a steady relationship you keep wondering what you want out of it. You keep thinking if this is the one for you or there's something missing. You need to be more mature when you are taking the biggest decision of your life. Take your time and get married in your early 30s we suggest.

4. Cancer

You are a family person and love to be surrounded with people. Since you believe in relationships that last forever, you may consider getting married in your early 20s. 

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5. Leo

You fall into the category of people who pick and choose before making a move. You don't take a step forward until and unless you are absolutely sure about the person. You prefer to wait as long as it takes than taking a random decision. So for you, 30 is the ideal age.

6. Virgo

You are the epitome of perfection. The ideal age for you is 27, as you are good with balancing your life before you hit your 30s. You are already a mature person who is good enough to handle any situation.

7. Libra

The word 'marriage' excites you a lot and in the rush of it, you end up taking hasty decisions which you may regret eventually. Here's an advice, don't just be fascinated with the charm of marriage when you see other married couples. Think and rethink your decision and then take the plunge in your late 20s. Say about 28-29.

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8. Scorpio

You have got real trust issues. Even if you are in a relationship you are hesitant enough to convert it into a bond of marriage. Wait till you hit 30 rather than ending up in a relationship you have never imagined in your wildest dreams. 

9. Sagittarius

You are someone who craves for freedom and thinks getting into the world of marriage will take it away from you. You believe in doing things your way, and for that you need a partner who understands you better than anyone else. Get married after the age of 30. Good things in life, take time.

10. Capricorn

You are not scared of losing your freedom and you're not scared of commitment, but then you have certain goals and priorities in your life and you don't want anyone to mess with that. Interestingly, keeping all that in mind, your zodiac says you are likely to get married by the age of 25. 

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11. Aquarius

You don't believe in the concept of opposites attract. You look for a partner who has similar qualities as you do. For you, having a partner with common interests matter more and finding that special one may take a lot of time. So sit back and chill, hit the age of 30 and then take the plunge.

12. Pisces

You are the Bollywood type who believes in love stories. You are driven towards falling in love and getting married the way they do in Rajhsri movies. But stop! Wait for the right time and don't get carried away with the filmy vibes.

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