5 Women Talk About Forbidden Affairs That They Aren't Really Ashamed Of!

5 Women Talk About Forbidden Affairs That They Aren't Really Ashamed Of!

There are some things in life that you know you shouldn't do. But knowing that something is off limits makes it all the more exciting, doesn't it? A forbidden love affair with all the sneaking around and lying to cover all bases really does spice up your life and gives you a high. That's what we've heard from these five women who broke the rules in the name of love. Read to know their stories.

1. Sticky situation!

"I am not too sure if it was one of the best things to do but I confessed my feelings to my best friend's sibling but didn’t get the response I expected. He was the bad boy and the perfect rebound from my previous relationship. I realised a few weeks into it that it was not one of the best decisions because he was my best friend's sibling and it was kind of a sticky situation to be in. But I gave in to whatever that was anyway! We also decided not to tell him. The affair didn't last for a long time, but I had a lot of fun for as long as it existed and will totally be lying if I say it wasn't satisfying. My best friend does not know about it till date and I think I want to keep it that way!"

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2. Almost single

"At a young age of 24, I got married to a family friend who I had dated briefly. However, later I found out that my husband was an alcoholic with anger issues. Like any sensible person, I decided to end the marriage (with my parents support, of course) after a year. The divorce proceedings took an ugly turn and took over a year. Meanwhile, I met a charming, young man and fell in love with him. The pending divorce formalities ensured that we couldn't date openly and had to act like sneaky teenagers. This went on for about a year and it was only once all my papers were signed could I tell my friends and family about my forbidden affair." 

3. Office, office

"It all started after the reshuffling of teams in my office. He used to sit on my table and that's when we met for the first time. A few messages and walks later, we started dating. Now, I work at an office where dating your colleague is not just frowned upon, but can get you fired. It was the fun of a new relationship mixed with the adrenaline rush of keeping things a secret that made it all the more exciting. We are still happily dating each other and have managed to take trips together without letting anyone know!" 

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4. Benefits of friends

"My best friend was particular about not dating his close friends because he thought things get complicated. I learnt this first-hand when I got close to his flatmate. I used to visit my best friend at his home often and once when we went to bed early, I chilled with his flatmate who's also very close to him. We ended up making out and started to enjoy to it a lot. It happened more than once, so we eventually told our best friend. Things got a little awkward after we stopped hooking up and I get his point now. It was a fun experience and I think my best friend handled it pretty well!"

5. Days of internship

"I’d always had a little crush on an intern. He was very cute and the proximity only made it worse. So, after a few drinks, and a lot of confidence boost, I started flirting with him at an office party. Within a few minutes, we found ourselves in the bathroom, making out like our lives depended on it. Later, we were constantly having sex in the office. And it was mind-blowing! We had to end it because his internship was over, but no regrets. Best sex I ever had!"

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6. Three's a crowd

"My friend was dating this guy for about two years. One night, we all went partying and he started texting me. I thought it was all innocent, that he was just checking about his gf (my BFF) but he continued to text and I indulged in it. Soon, we met for coffee. Then dinner. Then we kissed. Sure, we had that chat about how he was still in love with my friend, but since they were on a break, I went for it. In the long run, I figured how f***** up that was and decided to end it. I still haven’t told my friend though."

7. Man on top

"I never thought I’d be attracted to my boss. I don’t know if it was his editing skills or his complete lack of social skills, but I fell for him hard. Our casual banter soon gave way to an evening drink. He offered to drop me and didn’t lean in. So I did. From that day on, it was our little secret. It didn’t work out in the long run, but he was a good guy."

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