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What Happens When Everyone Around You Is Married And You're 'Unmarried'

What Happens When Everyone Around You Is Married And You're 'Unmarried'

There comes a phase in our life when our Facebook and Instagram feeds become wedding albums. If you're here right now, wait for a few years and wedding photos will be replaced with baby photos. Every time you attend a wedding of a friend or colleague, the question about your marriage comes up. And it keeps coming up because this is that season. 

Something like this is brewing in POPxo's first ever webseries Unmarried that has just launched (watch it on the app here). The story of Kay, Chirag and Abby revolves around their 'unmarried' status and they're dealing with all the stress in a hilarious way. 

If you're also facing the same, you will definitely relate all these things that happen when all your friends are getting married one by one and everyone is asking you, "Tera number kab hai?"

1. You Want To Get Married...

... kinda, sorta, but not really! Seeing others married makes you want to find 'the one' but you're also completely okay with being single and enjoying your time. It's confusion city out here!

2. You're Constantly Reminded Of Being Unmarried

Oh my god! Your family is ALWAYS on your case. Even relatives you haven't met in years and have no connection with are worried about your marital status. You can't help but want to ask them to back off! Yep, it's happening with our protagonist Kay too!

3. Hanging Out With Friends Is One Long Shaadi Discussion

Just like your family, even your friends aren't understanding anymore. Now that they're all married, they can't stop discussing your marriage plans. They aren't able to comprehend that you might not be ready for it.

3 unmarried friend

4. You're The Butt Of All Jokes

And it's not just others making fun of you. You start cracking jokes at your own expense. After all, it's better to make fun of yourself and get it out of the way than have anyone else do it.

5. You're The Perpetual Third Wheel

Because none of your friends go anywhere without their spouses. *Sigh*

6. Your FB Feed Is Filled With Married Couples

People are getting married at the speed of light so all you see on your Facebook feed are cliche pictures of couples. Love changes people, really!

6 unmarried friend

7. You Still Have Deadlines

Your marriage may not be on schedule but your work is! 

8. You Run Out Of Shaadi Clothes

Because you didn't have a trousseau like your married friends and you have been attending endless weddings, you really run out of shaadi clothes to wear. 

9. You Love Your Unlimited 'Me' Time

The best part about being unmarried is that you have unlimited 'me' time. You get a lot more time to spend with yourself doing your favourite things!

9 unmarried friend

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