15 Weird And Random Things That Are Waaaay Better Than Sex!

15 Weird And Random Things That Are Waaaay Better Than Sex!

There’s mind-blowing sex and then there are super random things that are WAY better than sex. We’re rooting for the latter here. Try any of these weird yet amazing things and we bet it’ll drive your pleasure spots to the limits! Sending you on a euphoric trip, here are 15 things that are way better than getting naughty in between the sheets.

1. The smell of mitti after the first rains.

2. Peeling off the fevicol glue from your palms the moment it dries up.

1 sex

3. Taking off your bra and throwing it across the room at the end of the day!

4. Relishing a slice of cheesy pizza and NOT having to share it with anyone. 

4 sex

5. Taking off your heels after you come home from a night full of dancing!

6. Downing a chilled glass of beer on a warm, summer day.

6 sex

7. The first sip of chai in the morning.

8. That blissful moment when you get into bed with your freshly shaved/waxed legs.

8 sex

9. When that plan you weren’t excited about anyway gets cancelled.

10. Happiness is someone playing with your hair for no reason.

10 sex

11. Nutella over sex any day, baby!

12. Walking into a bar and having the bartender tell you that the happy hours are still on.

12 sex

13. When it’s chilly outside and you immediately get into your hot shower.

14. When your crush texts you first… or replies quickly in seconds!

14 sex

15. Finally getting your hands on that book you’ve wanted to read forever!

Images: Giphy, Tumblr