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7 Gifts To Give Your Veere On Her Wedding... Not The Shagun Ka Lifafa!

 7 Gifts To Give Your Veere On Her Wedding... Not The Shagun Ka Lifafa!

The entire wedding shebang is one grand affair, especially for us desis. We're always ready to party, drink, dance and basically, enjoy a three-day gala celebration. And not that we're complaining of course, but no one does jazzy functions like us, do they. But for the couple who is hosting you during this elaborate celebration, you've to obviously give something in return. And guys lets face it, giving that red lifafa with one rupee for 'good luck' is just not enough sometimes.

So, we've come up with 7 gifts you can give to the happy duo as they walk into this new phase of life. 

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1. Pre-Wedding Getaway

Shaadis can be stressful especially for the bride and groom who are constantly being pushed for dance rehearsals, trousseau shopping, wedding decoration and everything else under the sun. Why not gift the couple a two-night stay at a resort close by so that they can recurperate and destress just before the big day. It'll be a nice time for them to spend some quality time alone before the maddness befalls them.

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2. One Special Date During The Honeymoon

Obviously, you can't afford to bear the cost of the entire honeymoon, but you can gift the lovers a special date during their vacay. If they've chosen a beach destination, why not organise a romantic dinner by the waters. Or if your friends are the adventurous kinds you can gift them a skydiving session. They'll love you for it!

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3. Personalised Wine Box


You can select fancy wine bottles depending on their taste and get a box made for the happy couple. The box can be inscribed with milestones the couple shares together and can have instructions of when you want them to crack it open. One can be for their wedding night, one for their honeymoon, one for their six month anniversary and so on.

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4. Sex hamper

Sex is a basic need, guys! But instead of letting your friends be vanilla in bed, why not help them spice it up? You can create a hamper for the newlyweds to boom boom under sheets. It could include everything from condoms to edible panties and candy bras. You could even add a couple of sex toys cause there's nothing called too much pleasure right!?

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5. Membership Cards For Romantic Dates Over The First Year

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While most people focus on the wedding you can actually gift them something to celebrate the marriage. Over the first year, you can gift them vouchers for things they'd like to do together to keep the romance alive. These can include things from spa memberships around the city, brunch dates, fancy alcohol tastings and so much more.

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6. Vouchers

Adulting is a reality that you can't escape from and cause your pals have signed away their youth, you can gift them these utility-based vouchers. If they are moving into a new house you can give them vouchers from Fabindia or Good Earth to decorate the pad. You can even gift them kitchenware or electronics that will come in handy around the house.

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7. Customised Dinnerwear

wine glasses

It's nice to get keepsakes that the pair can cherish for posterity. You can make them a set of customised dinnerwear with either their initials or their wedding hashtag or even the date of their D-day. Get martini glasses, champagne glasses, plates, bowls and voila you've got yourself a set!

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Yeah yeah, who said wedding gifting is a stress, right!?