6 Ways To Kiss Him Like He's Never Been Kissed Before

6 Ways To Kiss Him Like He's Never Been Kissed Before

Kissing someone is considered to be one of the most intimate expressions of love. A kiss can tell him how you feel about him without any words. So, you want to make sure that you're doing it just right. You want your man to feel that he is a lucky, lucky man indeed when you kiss him next. Try these six ways to kiss him and he'll know that you miss him!

1. Go Slow And Soft

You want to start by going a little slow. Kiss him gently and take the lead. Make it one of his best experiences by leaving him wanting more, if you know what we mean?

2. Use Your Teeth A Little!

Add a little bit of twist when you're giving him a full on the lips. Use your lips to lightly bite him on his lower lip. Don't bite him too hard or you'll hurt him. 

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3. Not Just The Lips

Who says you only need to stick to his lips when you're kissing him? Kiss him on his face and nibble his earlobes. You can also kiss his neck to turn him on. This not only will make him feel like you are wanting to take things further, but will also increase the time you spend kissing him. 

4. Tilt Your Head

You don't want to stick to one position while you're making out. So, tilt your head around and make him feel like you are comfortable and enjoying it which will want him to lean in and participate more.

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5. Use Your Tongue

Using your tongue will take your kiss to the next level. Use your tongue to tease him and please him and tell him with your tongue that you want to do more of this. You can also use chocolate sauce while you're at it just to spice things up!

6. Use Your Hands

You obviously don't want to leave your hands still, so move them around his neck, waist and shoulders. Make him feel like you want him and would like to take this further. 

7 how to kiss him

P.S. Before you give him a mouthful, there's one thing you must do: Use a flavoured chapstick, so that your lips are not dry and make sure you are smelling ah-mazing! 

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