Woke Up With A Pimple Just Days Before Your Wedding? 9 Quick Fixes You Should Know!

Woke Up With A Pimple Just Days Before Your Wedding? 9 Quick Fixes You Should Know!

Nothing's more unpredictable and irritating than a pimple and the most unexpected one pops out just days before your wedding to leave you in complete disarray. Your lehenga, your makeup and everything else take a backseat and your entire focus shifts to that tiny little breakout on your face. It's normal and we all face it. So, worry not, we are here to guide you on how to deal with that uncalled zit just before your wedding.

1. Keep your hands off it

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First thing first, PLEASE don't pop it. Avoid touching it. The worst thing you can do to your pimple is touching it and trying to scratch it with your nails. Give it time and let it heal on its own. A little precaution will lead to fewer layers of concealers and foundation to hide those marks on your D-day.

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2. Stop eating junk

Skip all that spicy and greasy junk food for some time for the good of your skin. Greasy food leads to a greasy face with further breakouts. Hold on to your cravings for a few days and protect your skin from further acne and blemishes. 

3. Keep your face clean

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Don't go to bed with makeup on. Not a good idea. Besides, why would you let those chemicals ruin your skin the whole night? Don't be lazy and take care of your skin. It will take a minute to cleanse, tone and moisturize but will give you the skin you've always wanted! Use Maybelline New York Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover (Rs 240) which helps in gently removing waterproof makeup too, without making your skin dry.

4. Do away with makeup

Let your skin breathe. You don't always need makeup when you step out or when the relatives come over.  Keep it light, especially if your skin is prone to breakouts. Be natural and keep your face clean and moisturized at all times. We recommend Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion (Rs 342) which will work wonders for you and keep your skin hydrated all day long.  

5. Sooth the breakout

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Cucumber juice does a good job of soothing your skin and preventing it from further redness or any sort of inflammation. Even rubbing an ice cube on the pimple is a good idea. If you are too lazy to extract the cucumber juice then you can always fall back on Fabindia's Aloe Cucumber Face Pack (Rs 360), which is packed with aloe vera and cucumber that will help in cooling your acne. 

6. Check with your dermatologist

If a zit pops out just days prior to your big day, see a skin specialist. Don't try self-medicating and buy any random cream or gel from the medical store. The best way to go about it is to see your dermatologist and seek their help. To know more about your skin and acne issues check out this post for dermatologist recommended products for all skin types.

7. Green tea always helps

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If you thought green tea only helps with weight loss then you are wrong. Did you know it has amazing anti-inflammatory ingredients which help in soothing your pimple? If your pimple is bothering you way too much, soak a green tea bag in water for a few minutes before dabbing it on the affected area. Have you tried the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Green Tea Pack (Rs 150), yet? It's an all-night pack enriched with green tea extracts which adds the perfect glow to your skin and smoothens acne and pimples.

8. Try honey

As weird and as sticky it may sound, honey helps in calming a pimple big time. Honey is packed with an anti-bacterial formula which helps in getting rid of your rigid acne overnight.

9. Tea tree oil is magic

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Tea tree oil heals and smoothens acne overnight. Take it from us. Nothing gets better than applying tea tree oil on your pimples and leave it on for the entire night. Wake up as fresh as a daisy and see the miracle yourself! Look no further and get your hands on the most trusted and highly recommended The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil (Rs 645) which literally heals your pimples overnight. Use regularly to keep your skin clean and acne free.

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