6 Amazing Water (And Kiss!) Proof Lipsticks Perfect For Your Beach Honeymoon

6 Amazing Water (And Kiss!) Proof Lipsticks Perfect For Your Beach Honeymoon

Now that your wedding is over, what's that you look forward to the most? Simple, the honeymoon. You have been planning for it with your fiancé for months and want everything to be perfect. You have packed all the beach essentials you need along with that sassy black dress for the date night. But sweetie, a smudged lipstick stain on it isn't going to be a pretty sight. Or when you are lounging by the pool, the barely-there lipstick may not make for a great selfie. So here are 6 waterproof and kiss proof lipsticks you should totally try on your beach honeymoon.

1. Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Haute Latte - 007

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Planned a date night with a table for two by the beach? You won't want a lipstick stain on your wine glass then, would you? Colobar's no transfer liquid lip stain gives your lips that perfect matte finish that's totally worth it for the night. A haute latte tint, this will complement your red dress so well. 

Brand: Colorbar

Product name: Kiss Proof Lip Stain - Haute Latte - 007

Price: Rs 950. Buy it here

Discounted price: Rs 640

2. Miss Claire Waterproof Lipfinity

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The moment you hit the beach, you can't resist but plunge yourself in the clear blue water. And it's moments like these that call for a cute selfie with bae. Forget touch-ups and buy this light and waterproof lipstick that'll last the entire time that you're on the beach.

Brand: Miss Claire

Product name: Waterproof Lipfinity #14

Price: Rs 175. Buy it here

3. Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

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The brand we all swear by and are never disppointed with is Bobbi Brown. If you want to be natural and just add a light pink tint to your lips which keeps it moisturized all day long, then this one's for you. The bubblegum shade is perfect for a romantic beach vacay! 

Brand: Bobbi Brown

Product name: Extra Lip Tint

Price: Rs 2100. Buy it here

4. Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte - 32

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Have you tried the Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte from their 'What a Spice' collection yet? Enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado oil it gives you that deeply pigmented long lasting tint. Plus, this pink-purple shade is sure to complement Indian skin tones extremely well. 

Brand: Inglot

Product name: HD Lip Tint Matte - 32

Price: Rs 1,850. Buy it here

5. The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid - 30 Crete Carnation

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A nude lipstick is a must in your bridal beauty kit. It's also the one shade that goes with almost every outfit colour. With its high colour pay off in one stroke and a long lasting formula, this matte lip liquid has a creamy texture so you don't have to worry about chapped lips. 

Brand: The Body Shop

Product name: Matte Lip Liquid - 30 Crete Carnation

Price: Rs 645. Buy it here

6. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint/Pout Creme - Hot Pink

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Want something which is more than just a hint of colour and is non-transferrable? Try this extra creamy lip colour from Lakme. This lip crayon gives you that picture perfect pout and the hot pink shade actually complements most Indian skin tones. No matter how much you guys kiss, this ain't coming off!  

Brand: Lakme Absolute

Product name: Lip Tint/Pout Creme - Hot Pink

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here

Discounted price: Rs 585

So ladies, make the most of these lipsticks and steal as many kisses as you can, without any smudge or smear!