New Varmala Designs For Couples Who Don't Want Regular Red Roses!

New Varmala Designs For Couples Who Don't Want Regular Red Roses!

When deciding their wedding looks and making a checklist, most brides stop at picking the right outfit, jewellery and makeup artist. But hey, there is one more thing that can make or break your look on the special day - the varmala. Gone are the days when couples just picked the classic red rose garlands with a tiny string of mogras. I know, I know! Most of you must be thinking that classics never go out of style and you're right! But when you are paying keen attention to every little detail of your look, you should definitely check out these amazing varmala designs I spotted on real couples and totes loved.

1. Hey Lily


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I love flowers and everything floral, but I am still a little biased towards lilies. They are so classy and beautiful. So, if you are a lily lover too, then you can get a varmala made of these beautifies for your big day. This varmala will look really classy especially if you have a day wedding. 

2. A blast of colours

Don't want to stick with one colour? Well, roses to your rescue! Just do what his couple did and get a varmala made of different coloured roses. If you have a day wedding, then this varmala is perfect for you. But yes, do not go overboard with the colours if you're wearing a dark-hued outfit as that will make it look muddles.

3. Royal lotuses

There is a reason why the lotus is the national flower of India - it's magnificence. It looks gorgeous and royal, and paired with fragrant mogra flowers, it makes for a great combination. I know I'd pick this. 

4. Mix and match


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Do you love flowers and don't know which ones to pick for your varmala? Well, the solution is simple - mix and match! This couple here combined pink dahlias, lilies and roses and what they got as a result is truly mesmerizing. 

5. Undying love for roses

Don't want to give up on roses but still do something unique? Well, just get a varmala made of fully bloomed pink and peach roses and you're sorted!

6. Just like a summer breeze

Just can't get over how summery and soothing this varmala looks. Not only is it perfectly coordinated with the groom and bride's outfits, but it also gives a very elegant touch to their looks. 

7. The ombre effect


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Dahlias are gorgeous flowers and just like roses, they come in many colours too. This ombre varmala made of dahlias just took my heart away. 

8. Minimalistic elegance


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If you want to make a unique style statement with your varmala, then I suggest you do this. Instead of getting a varmala made of just flowers, get one made of pearls and other trinkets and add a subtle floral touch to it with tiny flowers like baby's breath or mogra.  

9. Petunia magic

I am completely in love with this varmala made of petunias and leaves, with a pop of yellow flowers in between. Simple, sober and yet so exquisite. 

I chose my favourite, did you pick yours?

Featured Image: 1Plus1 Studio