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10 Dresses (Under Rs 999) That Can Take You From Meetings To Martinis In Seconds!

Wouldn’t it be perfect if everyday could take a ‘work from home’ everyday? Apart from avoiding the gruelling traffic fiascos to and from your office, the daily dilemma of dressing for work wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Alas, the truth, even though it is harsh, is that it is a part of adulthood and we cannot avoid it. Neither can you avoid carrying a change of clothes if you’re going out right after work. It is nothing short of a pain in the butt, especially if you take the metro to work. Trust me, it’s more like an hour long cardio workout but with people constantly being thrown on you throughout.

Our misery motivated us to think of ways we can make it at least bearable. We found 10 summer friendly dresses that you can show off at the office (and score a few brownie points for dressing so good)... and also work to the dinner-drinks sesh you have lined up with your besties the same night - all under Rs. 999! Check these boardroom-to-bar dresses out:

Published on Jun 1, 2018
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