17 Typical Things People Say When They Find Out You're Studying For UPSC

17 Typical Things People Say When They Find Out You're Studying For UPSC


Did you wake up one morning and tell yourself that you feel like doing something toofaani? Well, I did. I decided to do the 'toofaniest' of them all things - attempt to give the UPSC exam. Yes, the third toughest exam in India. But honestly, that was never the problem. I did it because I wanted to. What I didn't sign up for was the constant badgering from everyone who knew I was doing this.

Abby, from our first ever web series Unmarried, is also prepping up for this battle and like me, he’s also getting a lot of unsolicited advice and sympathy from people around him. You too? Well, let’s compare notes. I have made a list of typical things that I heard when I was giving the exam. I’m sure you’ll relate to if you’re an aspirant as well.

1. 'Beta dekh lo - itna aasan nahi hai'

I knew this when I signed up for it. Really!

typical things people say when you appear for a UPSC exam inside 1

2. 'Poori din raat ek karni padegi'

16 hours a day minimum? Okay!

3. 'If not this, then what do you plan on doing?'

So much confidence in me, I’m flattered.

4. 'I know someone who has given it. Should I connect them with you?'

Umm… No, thanks!

5. 'I hope you have an alternate career path'

Because you know I can’t do this?

5 typical things poeple tell upsc exam

6. 'Tumhe dekh ke lagta nahi ho payega'

Aapko dekh ke laga nahi aap future predict karte hain!

7. 'Tum na ye wali coaching join karlo'

You really think I don’t have a plan?

8. 'Do you have elementary level NCERTS?'

Do you have elementary level basic knowledge?

9. 'Bas ek saal ki baat hai'

And after that?

9 typical things people say to people who give UPSC

10. 'Subject kaunsa lia hai? Dekh lo ye mushkil hai!’

And no matter what subject you take - 'Ye bhi scoring nahi hai.'

11. 'You can totally say goodbye to your social life'

To you, too?

12. 'Ek question ko char bar padhna'

Okay. Okay. OKAY!

13. 'Posting kahin bhi ho sakti hai - kabhi kabhi jungle main bhi'

Yeah, where I might meet nicer people.

13 things people say to people who give a UPSC

14. 'Sharma ji ke bete ne two baar prelims clear kia hai'


15. 'This is not the best field for girls'

Thanks a lot for letting me know!

16. 'Beta, duniya salaam thokegi!'


17. 'Anyway, it's a great decision but...Dekh lo, itna aasan nahi hai!'

Cut to the one and only and most important warning in the world.

17 things poeple say to UPSC aspirants

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