Beautiful Hairstyles From Veere Di Wedding That You Should Totally Catalog!

Beautiful Hairstyles From Veere Di Wedding That You Should Totally Catalog!

If Pinterest had to make a film, it has to be something similar to Veere Di Wedding. Not kidding, every single shot was a visual treat to my eyes. I loved how the four girls looked on camera! Since I write all things related to makeup and hairstyles, I could not help but keep an eye out for the latest beauty trends on screen. I think when it boils down to hairstyles, these lovely women know just how to start a trend like a wildfire. From outfits to makeup and hair, every shot demanded a change in style. Nevertheless, all four Veeres were stars in their own way! Not just that, the film was an ode to fabulous hairstyles. Here are 9 times I got inspired by the VDW squad.

1. Sonam Kapoor’s cage bun made from fine braids is definitely a hairstyle worth giving a shot!

veere 1

2. Don’t you think Swara’s messy double bun hairstyle looks sporty and chic? I absolutely LOVE this woman and her style.

veere 2

3. This mohawk braided ponytail that Kareena’s sporting makes her look as cute as a button.

veere 3

4. Zoomed in for you to get a better peek of her braid! Also while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a moment to admire Shika’s stylish cornrows.

veere 4

5. Sonam Kapoor stole my heart again with her smile and romantic rose bun.

veere 5

6. Sometimes, curling your hair up and leaving it open with a middle parting has a charm of its own too. Well done, Shikha!

veere 6

7. Just a still of the Kapoors keeping it sassy and stylish with their glam buns.

veere 7

8. Beach waves for the win! What say, Sonam?

veere 8

9. Kareena Kapoor sure looked like a royal bride with flowers delicately weaved into her braids.  

veere 9

Image Stills from Youtube: Zee Music Company, Balaji Motion Pictures