#JustUnmarried: 11 Thoughts Every Girl Has During A Rishta Meeting

#JustUnmarried: 11 Thoughts Every Girl Has During A Rishta Meeting

Have you come back home from work exhausted and had your mother tell you about a guy and his family who are coming to see you the next day? Didn't that make you nervous instantly? Well, most rishta meetings are stressful. You're asked to dress well and be on your best behaviour. Somewhere deep down, you want to cast an impression but also don't want to be someone you’re not.

Chirag is also facing a similar dilemma in POPxo's first web series Unmarried. His experience is all about embarrassed grimaces and horribly awkward silences, and you'll so relate to his hilarious situation when you watch the series. 

For now, here's a list of some thoughts that we all have during a rishta meeting. Have you had them too?

1. "Why am I here?"

Because your parents know you better than you do?

1 Rishta meetings why

2. "Is he really wearing that?"

Am I overdressed for this?

3. "I never saw this day coming."

Only if my ex-boyfriend hadn't been such a jerk.

3 Rishta meetings never

4. "He's cuter than his pictures."

Guess he's not very active on social media. 

5. "Did he really open the door for me?"

Chivalry is not dead. Hallelujah! #BrowniePoints

5 Rishta meetings door

6. "At least he's better looking than most guys I've dated."

Or maybe I shouldn't judge the book by its cover.

7. "What if he doesn't like me?"

Of course, he will. I'm awesome!

7 Rishta meetings hope

8. "What will I talk about?"

I haven't been this nervous for a job interview.

9. "I hope he's a non-vegetarian."

Should I order kebabs or wait to see what he asks for?

11 Rishta meetings in laws

10. He is sweet!

He is actually paying attention to what I'm saying!

11. I like him.

I really do like him.

POPxo's first web series 'Unmarried' with associate partner Lifestyle, fashion partner Numero Uno, dating app partner Woo and salon partner Neu Salonz is coming soon.