Watch Your Date Drool As You Walk In With This Dress On... P.S. It's On Sale!

Watch Your Date Drool As You Walk In With This Dress On... P.S. It's On Sale!

When date night rolls around, the standard ‘what to wear’ dance begins. It starts with you throwing every possible thing in your closet out in the hope you’ll find something you haven’t worn a million times already… and ends with you, frustrated AF, running to the mall to pick up an average, overpriced dress you could have done much better than. Taken aback by how accurate I am? It’s happened to best of us, girl.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a friend giving you the goss on the latest and best sales on the cutest date-night dresses? Thank your blessed stars because you do. I found a smokin’ date-worthy dress online and it’s a winner. Why? See for yourself:

1 pink dress Lulu and sky bodycon dress on sale

Get it now? Yep, it’s tough to pass up a dress that is designed to knock your man off his feet. The top half of this chic pink bodycon dress boasts of a flirty wrap detail with a self-tie knot. Just the right kind of peek-a-boo! Moreover, the dress is on sale… a whopping 76% off. No, I’m not off my pills. Add this baby pink number from Lulu & Sky to your cart at Rs. 685 (earlier, Rs. 2,799!!!).

Style this bodycon beauty with delicate but sparkly earrings, a metallic evening bag and matching pumps. So, get the dress and watch the magic happen on your next date.

Buy Add Your Sass Dusty Pink Pencil Dress (Rs. 685) by Lulu & Sky

P.S. I couldn’t resist it either but bought the version in a suave mauve shade instead, which is also on sale and priced at Rs. 798.

2 mauve dress ulu and sky bodycon dress on sale

Still a great deal, isn’t it?

Buy it here