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This Dress & Heel Combo Is The Trick To Look FAB At Work Parties!

This Dress & Heel Combo Is The Trick To Look FAB At Work Parties!

Designer and wife of 'forever handsome' David Beckham, Victoria Beckham is arguably one of the most stylish women in the fashion industry. With her own label and personally curated outfit, this former spice girl is one fashionable mother of four! Why are we talking about her today? Well, we happened to notice on styling tip used by her, in her designs and personal wardrobe, that gave us a bright idea for a smart and chic work party ensemble! Let's see if you can spot the trick...

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...Given up? The thing that we spotted to be absolutely brilliant for a stunning ensemble yet be minimalistic is the 'solid on solid' combination. Pairing a baby pink a midi dress with solid blue court heels is just the kind of easy styling that comes naturally to fashionable minds. She seems to be playing this move quite a lot actually, experimenting with colours but keeping it classy:

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As far as outfit ideas go, this pairing of solids is definitely going to become your safety blanket for work parties. Apart from using pastels and pop colours like Victoria, there quite a few other ways to put together ensembles for formal events. We rounded some up for your next fancy do:

1. The Monotone Solids

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Monotone ensembles in themselves have many perks. They make you look taller, more put together and uber stylish without having to do too much with the look. Keep your choice of dress and shoes solid to add to this sought after aesthetic. 

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2. Solids On The Same Shade Card

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Ensembles that look like a colour gradient is sure to attract many compliments. Black with greys or navy blue with powder blues, these combinations can work great if you are heading to a daytime event.  

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3. Engage The Metallics

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Been waiting too long to wear that sexy bodycon but can't find the right shoes? When it comes to work events, well fitted solid dresses are a smart choice, always. Turn up the glamour quotient on them by going for the metallic heels, but keep the glittery ones aside and trust the sleek instead!

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4. Go For The Classics

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Classic colour combinations like black and white, green and yellow, other earthy tones, etc. will always go together for a variety of formal and casual events. Keep them solid so that you can seamlessly move between multiple engagements. 

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5. Bring Out The Nudes/Whites

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White and nude heels are the unsung heroes of versatile footwear. Pair them with any colour... one one hand nude pulls out the disappearing act so that the dress can shine and on the other, white gives it a quirky look and feel!

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