8 Things You'll Relate To If You're The Romantic One In The Relationship!

8 Things You'll Relate To If You're The Romantic One In The Relationship!

You just began dating someone and you're extremely excited about where this new relationship is going. That's me in when I start dating someone, too! Being a die-hard romantic, I tend to paint the town red overnight, barely giving the other person time to cope with my mushiness. However, being a romantic isn't necessarily a negative thing, but if your partner isn't as romantic as you, you may have few hiccups initially. Nothing that can't be resolved with a few kisses, though, am I right? Because let's be honest, everybody needs a romantic girlfriend like me in their lives. So here are a few things you'll relate to if you are the mushy one in the relationship.

1. You Always Seem Over The Top 

Your excessive PDA and constant need to let him know that you love him is just a ritual now, nothing you can do to dial down the extra

01 romantic girlfriend

2. He Doesn't Usually Understand Your References 

You quote Jane Austen, DDLJ or Rumi on a daily basis and he is usually left dumbfound at the references. But he's learning new things so this sounds like a win-win situation. 

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3. You Appreciate His Small Gestures 

If you boyfriend goes out of his way to buy you flowers or just bring your favourite food to a sleepover, your heart explodes at his adorable gesture. 

03 romantic girlfriend

4. You're Way Too Expressive 

Umm, guilty! As a loving girlfriend, you make it a point to let him know exactly how much you appreciate him. And yes, that includes frequent coddling and never letting him forget that he means the world to you. 

5. He Is A Part Of Every Decision You Make 

Romance to you just doesn't apply to just cuddling in bed, you make decisions keeping your long-term relationship in mind. Simply because you value him and don't want him to feel insignificant.  

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6. You Love Planning Elaborate Surprises 

You take his birthday, your anniversaries way too seriously and often spend weeks planning the perfect surprise for him. He deserves the best, obviously. 

7. What Is Space?

When couples mention the concept of space, you can't quite comprehend the need for it. Simply because you enjoy doing everything with your partner, why wouldn't you?

07 romantic girlfriend

8. Always Optimistic About Your Relationship 

You don't think short-term or understand the reason behind casual relationships. Because to you, he is 'the one' and you'll never need to look further. 

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