16 Things You'll Totally Get If You're The Only Girl In Your Gang

16 Things You'll Totally Get If You're The Only Girl In Your Gang

Some girls enjoy watching football matches with their boys more than manicure nights with their girl-friends. With your guy friends around, you never have to worry about eating too much and getting fat. Also, no one bats an eyelid when you sport a messy bun or don your comfy pajamas.

In POPxo's first web series, Unmarried, the female protagonist Kay hangs out with three of her closest friends Chirag, Sahil and Abby. She drinks with them, parties with them and shares all her troubles, and consoles them when they’re going through hard times. Are you the only girl in your gang, too? Then you'll totally understand what we’re talking about.

1. There's Nothing That Can Scandalise You Anymore

Dirty jokes, burps, farts... You're used to it all.

1 Guy Friends Only

2. You Don't Need To Wear Makeup All The Time

If your winged eyeliner isn’t perfect, no one really cares.

3. You're The In-House Stylist

Because you cannot trust guys with their fashion choices.

3 guy friends only

4. They Seek Your Advice If They're Crushing On Someone

That's when you're treated as the girl in the gang.

5. People Suspect You're Sleeping With At Least One Guy From Your Crew

"Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte."

9 Guy Friends Only

6. You'll Get Raised Eyebrows If You're Too Dressed Up

It's always a pyjama party with your boys.

7. One Of Them Secretly Has A Crush On You

You always get to know it, don't you?

 7 only girl in gang

8. They Are Extremely Protective Of You

They would rip apart any guy who tries to hurt you.

9. You're Used To Being Teased And Mocked

Because you are one of the boys.

11 Guy Friends Only

10. Your Gang Scrutinises Your Choices

They know how boys think.

11. No One Pays Heed To Girl Problems In The Group

Periods? Eww.

13 Guy Friends Only

12. Fights Are Over In 30 Seconds

No grudges, no cold wars!

13. Onlookers Character Assassinate You

Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ko kaam hai kehna.

15 Guy Friends Only

14. Their Girlfriends Are Always Insecure Of You

Because who knows when you steal their boyfriend away, right? *Facepalm*

15. Your Buds Don't Expect You To Be Like Other Girls

Drop the dirt and drama, woman!

17 Guy Friends Only

16. Guys Are Afraid To Approach You Thinking You Are Already Dating One Of The Boys

If only there were a solution to this.

POPxo's first web series 'Unmarried' with associate partner Lifestyle, fashion partner Numero Uno, dating app partner Woo and salon partner Neu Salonz is coming soon.