6 Social Media Things We All Do For Our Virtual Personalities

6 Social Media Things We All Do For Our Virtual Personalities

You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape - this is the power that social media has on us. Life seems incomplete without at least a few courtesy peeps at our feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat). And we all shoulder the responsibility of sharing our life with the world and collect followers as we did coins on Super Mario.

Admit it guys, we are all guilty of doing the following things for our social media profiles and we’re proud owners of accounts that reflect the true us.

1. Photo first, food later

Every foodie or a non-foodie (don’t know any) is crazy about pretty plates. A top shot of wooden tables with woodfired pizza or a close up of a green salad and diet cola is #foodstagram. Let’s be honest, sometimes we even go to a place just to make sure our social media feed looks stunning (and yummy).

2. Filters! Filters! Filters!

Even when the picture we click is average, we know we can fix things with a cool filter. Basically, we rely on these filters for everything that’s wrong with the picture - from colour correction to black-and-white effect. The new OPPO F7 comes with a 25 MP selfie camera with AI Beauty and Sensor HDR technologies, so every photo that you take will come alive! Plus, the phone offers AI-powered scene recognition that balances colours and contrast and AR stickers to add a touch of quirk to your clicks.

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3. Dress to impress

When an outfit looks good, we immediately want to make sure it goes up on the social media. Well, after wishing for our crush to sees us, of course! Sometimes, we play dress up just for our social media feed.

4. Hashtag, hashtag, which one’s the best?

When it comes to the trending hashtags of the day, our research is always on point. We will use the right hashtags on the right picture just to make sure it appears in the explore category of our social media feed. Right, ladies?

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5. Like it? Share it!

You know how things go viral? We like to share things every now and then because you know you are going to be amongst a few who have shared it. It’s just a little trick that works like a charm!

6. Do it like celebs

We follow and tag our favourite celebrities, not in a creepy way but you know that your love for them will get more people who like them to like you. You know it’s a circle... of common people who have mutual liking for someone you like too.

All of this is SO YOU, right? When your real world and virtual world collide, magic happens! The OPPO F7 understands your two worlds, so it has come up with a video that says it all. Watch it here and heart it <3

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