These Backless Tops An Dresses Are Totally Cool And Sexy | POPxo

Do The Bare Maximum... Backless Tops And Dresses That You Won't Want To Cover Up!!

Celebrities on the red carpet and brides in their mandaps are usually the ones who will be caught donning a backless number. It’s quite unusual to spot someone in a backless outfit on a daily basis, they are usually saved for special occasions like glitzy parties and date nights. The fact that more young women are not experimenting with back designs in their western wear choices is a bit of a downer, but hey, it’s never too late to try something new!

With different kinds of backless designs, from tie-up open backs to strappy ones, you now aspire to wear more of them as both everyday casuals and occasion wear. Backless tops and dresses are a fun and cheeky change up from your usual outfits, they add an extra or sometimes the only talking point into your ensemble. So wear them loud and proud, we picked out a few chic styles for every kind of occasion you can think of!

Published on Jun 14, 2018
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