The Ultimate Kamasutra Guide For The Best Make Out Session EVER

The Ultimate Kamasutra Guide For The Best Make Out Session EVER

Coming from the country of the first documented sex education book, Kamasutra, I take pride in the fact that we Indians were one of the first ones to openly explore the boundaries of sex and sexuality. So, don't thank me when I share my knowledge about how to take any makeout session from 'oh' to 'aaah'. It's Vātsyāyana, the author of Kamasutra, you should be paying your respect to. So here I am, with tips I've gathered after a lot of hard work and experimentation, to help you transform your sex life, one inch at a time! *wink*

1. Use Your Body Well

The book cannot stress enough on the importance of a good embrace. An intimate embrace is very different from a tight hug. According to Kamasutra, when you embrace your partner, you are supposed to use more than just your arms. It is supposed to involve touching, rubbing, a little nip here and there while the two of you press your bodies together, feeling the heat of each other's body. 

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2. Slow And Steady

The kisses set the pace for the rest of the act so don't rush the kisses. What starts out quickly, fizzles out quickly too! So, take it slow. Start by kissing places where the sexual intensity isn't at its peak and then move to other places.

3. The More, The Better

There is a 'holy trinity' when it comes to orgasms as well. Instead of one erogenous zone, try and stimulate three together to reach peak pleasure. How, you ask? Try playing with the nipples while kissing your girl or play with the clitoris while you stimulate one nipple with the free hand and the other with your mouth. Sounds mighty complicated but really isn't. Remember ladies, this works the other way too!

4. Use Your Hands...

...especially the nails. Scratching your man can have a huge effect on his desire but be sure you don't do it too quickly but only in the throes of pleasure. There is something so primal about using your nails that your man will love it. Guys, you should resort to biting in situations of extreme pleasure. But be careful not to hurt the other person, people!

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5. The Woman Should Orgasm First

Kamasutra recognises that women must orgasm before men. Women can orgasm multiple times without any effect on their desire or energy levels, unlike men who experience a sudden dip in energy when they climax. So, for a truly satisfying experience, women must orgasm first!

6. Get Out Of Your Head

Performance anxiety is a big deal. It will greatly hamper your performance in every way. So get out of your head and enjoy the moment. There is no greater aphrodisiac than a partner who cares about nothing but enjoying themselves.

7. Kegels, Kegels, Kegels

Another thing that Kamasutra stresses on is the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles. A few clenches here and there will drive your man crazy and make him orgasm faster than you'd think possible. So the only way to do that is practice Kegels. It'll also heighten your sexual pleasure.

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