Daddy's Day Out: We've Spotted The Best Places In India For A Father's Day Brunch!

Daddy's Day Out: We've Spotted The Best Places In India For A Father's Day Brunch!

If you are still stuck on ideas for Father's Day, don't worry, we've got you covered. Take him our for an amazing brunch to a special restaurant and spend some quality time with the man in your life. We've made a list of the best Sunday brunches in India, so pick your city and plan a daddy's day you! 

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1. Bene - Sheraton Grand, Pune

bene sheraton grand pune

Perfect for the 'grown-up' brunch with your dad, it also offers great outdoor seating options. Come here in the morning and take the table outside if the weather turns pleasant.

Price For Two: Rs 2,500

2. Seasonal Tastes, The Westin, Mumbai & Gurgaon

seasonal tastes westin delhi mumbai

Not only does The Westin offer an amazing brunch, but you can also sign up for sushi making sessions and cook some priceless father-daughter memories in the process.

Price For Two: Rs 5,000

3. JW Café - JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

jw cafe mumbai

Satisfy your sweet tooth with their decadent range of desserts that will surely leave you both feeling like little kids once again.

Price For Two: Rs 4,000

4. The Bayview Restaurant - Marine Plaza, Mumbai

the bayview restaurant mumbai

If your father has a soft spot for seafood, then look no further! They also offer a variety of Indian and continental dishes. 

Price For Two: Rs 2,500

5. Machan, The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

machan the taj mahal hotel

Rustic, raw and everything Indian, Machan is perfect if your dad appreciates those truly indie things in life. 

Price For Two: Rs. 5,000


6. AnnaMaya - Andaz, New Delhi 

annamaya delhi

Just have a look at this colourful restaurant. Why wouldn't you want to visit it? Pretty selfies with your dad await you!

Price For Two: Rs 2,500

7. Vasco's - Hilton, Chennai

vasco's hilton chennai

Perfect for those monsoon mornings, the place is known for their wide range of exotic delicacies and an open area.

Price For Two: Rs 3,400

8. Tim Tai, Koramangala, Banglore 

tim tai banglore

Unfussily cute and quirky, you are bound to make some fun memories here with your dad here.

Price For Two: Rs 1,600

9. Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli, New Delhi

olive bar   kitchen

Escape the noisy streets of Delhi and find your way into this quaint terrace-restaurant from your aesthetic dreams. 

 Price For Two: Rs 4,000

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