Dear Nap Queen, These Brands Have The Best Personalised PJ Fix For You!

Dear Nap Queen, These Brands Have The Best Personalised PJ Fix For You!

Does anyone remember being a kid and hating nap time with a vengeance? Like, I would throw a fit if anyone so much as mentioned a nap around me. I wasn’t having it. Growing up makes you realise some things that make you want to travel back in time and do it all over. In this case, I’m talking about any form of activity which involves lying horizontally with your eyes (and mind) shut to the world. Yes, now that you’re older, sleeping or even napping, for that matter, is sheer luxury.

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They say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Yes… yes, it does. If you are as fond of sleep as I am (and Kim K is), you make sure you do everything for it to be as sensational as it can be. Ever thought of all the sleep sound apps and why they’re working so well? Or why even phones have apps to remind you when to go to bed? The world lives to sleep and that’s the honest truth. For a fashion girl like me, however, it’s also about looking and feeling like a million $$ when I’m tucked in for my beauty sleep. This includes sassy sleeping masks, scented candles and most important of all personalised PJ sets. Today, there are a handful of brands that personalise your PJs in a range of cute prints that are as Instagrammable as they are comfy. Here are the top 7 brand, which will take care of your personalised-PJ-set needs:

1. Perch Sleepwear

1 perch sleepwear personalised pjs nap queen

Started by Delhi-based Akriti Kochar, Perch Sleepwear does high-quality PJs from night dresses to separates. You can also get your lovely PJ sets personalised with your initials or name. We love their colour combinations and delicate floral prints.
Check their Instagram page here.

2. The Initial Studio

2 the initial studio personalised pjs nap queen

The Initial Studio, a year old brand launched by Tarini Manchanda from Delhi, serves every millennial’s personalisation needs. Our favourite is the gingham PJ shirt and shorts set.

Check their Instagram page here.

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3. Dandelion Dreams

3 dandelion dreams personalised pjs nap queen

Bollywood fashionista, Sonam Kapoor’s favourite sleepwear brand, you might have spotted Dandelion Dreams in her latest release, Veere Di Wedding. In fact, the brand is owned by Samyukta Nair, Sonam Kapoor’s real life bestie! They have a wide variety of PJ sets and separates, which you can personalise to your liking.

Check their Instagram page here.

4. Below The Belt

4 below the belt personalised pjs nap queen

Looking for personalised gifts for your bestie or a special bride-to-be? Make her feel like a princess with Below The Belt’s luxurious personalised PJ sets.

Check their Instagram page here.

5. Catnap Sleepwear

5 Catnap personalised pjs nap queen

Unicorns, pandas and popsicles… Catnap Sleepwear by Sabrina Omer has the cutest PJ sets! The cherry on top: they personalise your comfy PJs with your name or initials in pretty calligraphy fonts. Yay!

Check their Instagram page here.

6. The Wardrobe

6 the wardrobee personalised pjs nap queen

Want to show your special someone how dreamy they are, literally? Get your initials embroidered on to your PJ sets from The Wardrobe, a Mumbai-based brand by Khushboo Madia. You’re welcome for the awesome gifting idea!

Check their Instagram page here.

7. Big Little Company

7 little big personalised pjs nap queen

Adults like naps, kids don’t. But maybe yours would like them better if they had PJs to match with yours. Big Little Company also personalises PJ sets with superhero logos and names. Wish-list it already!
Check their Instagram page here.

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