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8 Sexy Bras (No, Not Lace) That He'll Want To Take Off Of You Immediately!

‘Bras? Ugh! Hate them!’ Sounds like every woman ever, doesn’t it? Us women hate bras on most days. But you know who loves them? Men! They love to see us in fancy schmancy lingerie and love it, even more, to take it off because “it is arousing!”. The print, the feel, the fabric, the amount of fabric, it all builds the anticipation. When not acting as a hammock for the ladies, bras double up as excellent foreplay tools. You can tell by the speed in which he unhooks your bra how much he wants you at that moment.

0 bras - man unhooking the bra

Here are eight eye-candy bras, not just sexy but comfy too, that he will want to take off of you immediately. No, we don’t mean the obvious lace bra. We have something special in store for you both.

Fair warning: some of these will make him work and some of these will become his new favourite. Have your fun while he’s at it *wink wink*.

While you’re at it, let your personality decide what bra to pick. Find out what’s your bra personality.

Published on Jun 27, 2018
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