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7 Reasons Why You And Your Hubby NEED To Get Naughty Early In The Morning!

7 Reasons Why You And Your Hubby NEED To Get Naughty Early In The Morning!

We all know that mornings usually fly by in a rush and being intimate with the man lying by your side is the last thing on your mind. It's also probably the notion that's been fed to us slowly and regularly that sex is a night time, dim light, stars shining activity. But that's just a myth, trust us! 

If you've never tried morning sex with your hubby, we're going to give you seven reasons why every couple should make waking up with a little naughtiness a daily routine. It'll wake you up much better than even that shot of black coffee!

1. It's your daily medicine to keep that bright smile throughout the day


Having a tough day at work? Is Boss being a jackass? Or Monday just being Monday? Whatever it may be, you'll switch back to your steamy morning and a sudden flush of happiness is going to take over you. 

2. You can live out last night's dream fantasies

Had a dirty dream about your husband last night? Ooohh, this is the perfect chance to make all your dreams come true. It's still fresh in the head and you haven't fully recovered from being a little turned on during the dream. 

4. Who needs Yoga when you have a much more interesting cardio under the sheets

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Morning runs and yoga sessions are all well and fine but if you put that against the orgasmic blissful treat you're in for, the latter trumps every freaking time. You and your partner can burn some calories, stretch those muscles in such a fun way, so where's the harm?

3. The kids are still sound asleep so you'll surely not be disturbed 

Do the kids keep waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping in your bed or do they cry and call you cause they've been having nightmares? Well, that doesn't really say sexy time with hubby now, does it? But in the early hours of the morning, everyone is sound asleep including in-laws if you live with them and you and your partner can get frisky without being disturbed.

5. The light streaming through the windows is everything


While many people believe that sex is supposed to be hidden and sexuality is something to be shied away from, we stand by the opposite. OWN IT GURL- is the mantra! With the light, you can see each other, really look into those eyes you've been in love with. You're also more in synch when you see what's working and what isn't. It's a win-win!

6. You have more energy in the morning so if you like it hard, that's how you'll get it

"I'm too tired now." Is that something you and your partner keep saying to each other after a long day of handling the kids, work, chores and just general adulting? Well, if night time just makes you crash and sleep, then morning is the time! You're awake and energetic, so be ready and strap in for a hardcore ride!

7. It'll keep you on each other's mind the whole day

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You can connect to each other for much longer if you've started your day with some boom-boom. You'll be on his mind the whole day and he'll be on yours, healthy relationship?! We think so!

So say hello to the 'good' in good morning! 😉 P.S.- Just a heads up, beware of morning breath though!

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