#HolyNectar: Reasons Why Coconut Water Is All Your Body Needs This Summer

#HolyNectar: Reasons Why Coconut Water Is All Your Body Needs This Summer

Coconut water aka tender coconut water is the holy grail you need this summer. Being a Chennai kid, this was one of the things my mom often forced me to drink and until recently, I didn't fully understand the implications of this wonderful drink. But now that the benefits of this spectacular glass of water have been made clear to me, I've made sure to have one every single day! And here are the benefits I couldn't wait to share with you.

1. Hydrating AF 

It has electrolytes that will keep your body hydrated in this scorching heat. So, if your body is losing out on fluids and you feel dehydrated, a tender coconut will fix everything. 

01 coconut water

2. Great For Your Skin

It works better than water! It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help fix every skin problem (almost!). So if you have acne, this is the most hydrating thing to opt for this summer. 

3. For People With High BP

If you have high blood pressure, the vitamin C, potassium and magnesium content in the coconut water helps lower your blood pressure. 

03 coconut water

4. Diet Conscious

It's low in calories and exceptionally refreshing. So every time you are out at a restaurant, it is a safer option when compared to aerated drinks and mocktails.

P.S. It also helps increase your body's metabolism. 

5. Brilliant For Your Hair 

One of the benefits includes hair regeneration, while coconut oil is ideal, the tender coconut water helps fix dandruff and heal your scalp as well. 

05 coconut water

6. Helps Maintain Body pH Balance

Because of its cooling and soothing properties, it helps bring down the acidic levels of your body, especially if you suffer from acidity or stomach issues. 

7. Helps With Urine Infections

Being a natural diuretic, it helps cleanse your body especially if you're suffering from urine infections which women are often prone to. 

07 coconut water

8. Perfect For Hangovers

When you wake up with a hangover, your body is craving fluids and providing it with this holy nectar is all you need to fix your headaches. Also works if you have frequent headaches and migraines. 

Images - Giphy, Shutterstock