15 Problems That Are Universal To ALL Couples

15 Problems That Are Universal To ALL Couples

No relationship is perfect. No one really wants to fight with their partner but arguments are inevitable. 

You may be extremely happy with your significant other but there will be some things that get on your nerves. Every couple has some problems that hamper their happy times. Here's a list of some problems universal to every couple. Read on!

1. Difference Of Opinion

No two people are the same or think the same way. It might be about the Karnataka election results or something as trivial as your preference for pineapples on pizza - you two can't agree about everything.

1 Couple problems

2. The Struggle To Keep Sex Steamy

Sometimes you might not be as interested in having sex as your partner and other times, the sex position you had planned might go awry. Let's accept the fact that sex with your significant other cannot be hot and passionate every single time.

3. Money Matters

Everyone has their own way of spending and saving money. Fights related to money are very common among couples. And if you two are sharing expenses, then such tussles are inevitable.

4. Doubts And Insecurities

No matter how long you've been together, doubts and insecurities are a part of human nature. At some point, you may dwell on if you're meant to be together.

4 Couple problems

5. Fights Over Misunderstandings

Did he fail to explain something the right way and you lost your cool? There is no cure for misunderstandings. Sometimes, you may interpret something they didn't mean and create a mountain out of a molehill. This is the root cause of all spats in a relationship.

6. Dry Spell

You don't always get the time (or place) to have sex with your partner. And if you're a couple who's in a long-distance relationship, we know how much you miss the intimate moments and snuggles.

7. Unwarranted Jealously

Almost every couple experiences bouts of jealousy from time to time. You see him as just a good friend but your boyfriend thinks otherwise. 

7 Couple problems

8. Feeling Bored In The Relationship

When you've been with someone for a long time, there comes a point when there is not much to talk about. They know all about you and your life and the spark dies down. Don't worry! It happens to all couples. Yes, even that one with all the fun pictures on Instagram. 

9. Finding It Hard To Spend Time Together

We all have our own things to do and sometimes are too busy to make time for our partners. You might get into an argument about not making each other a priority. Our advise? Take your time and get through it. 

10. Constant Distractions Around

We're talking about that cute boy at the gym you've been drooling over. Monogamy is always a challenge in a relationship. You might be head over heels in love with your partner but it's hard to stay focused. 

10 Couple problems

11. The Cleanliness Issue

When one of you is a cleanliness freak while the other is a mess, you're bound to pick up an argument.  

12. Tiffs Over Unchanged Bad Habits

Does he always leave a banana peel in the sink which clogs the drainage? Fights over bad habits are more than just common in every relationship. What drives you nuts is that he doesn't get rid of them despite constant reminders.

13. Overusage Of Phone

Are you double-tapping on Instagram even when he's lying next to you? We often are so busy on our phones that we make them more important than our partners. We stay so engrossed that we forget they're around us.

13 Couple problems

14. Unfulfilled Expectations

When we start dating someone, we are not only become very comfortable around them but also very dependent on them. High expectations always lead to disappointments. 

15. Parental Interference

It can be very irritating if your partner's parents or relatives start interfering in your life. Neither can you be rude to them nor answer back. A sticky situation every couple can relate to!

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